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A Cleansing Ritual for the Evolved Soul by Arcadian

Hello my Spirit Darlings

From the 2nd of July, and for the next two weeks, we are all going to experience the power of eclipse energy, on the full moon, partial lunar eclipse. The energy between the two eclipses is VERY powerful. This is what I want you to do and it works like a dream; a cleansing ritual that is basically like re-booting your whole system. Here we go!


Photo by Genessa Panainte


First, you will need to create a calming environment. You need a bag of course salt – this is very cheap at all supermarkets. Put three cups of coarse salt in a hot bath. Put some crystals in the water if you have any. Add some scent too. Ask whoever you pray to to bless the water – the Angels, God, the Universe, Yoda etc – now you have made Holy Water! The Holy Spirit is a good one, trust me. Submerge yourself under this water – including your head. Imagine all negativity falling away from you. After the bath, put on some nice pyjamas and climb into bed. You are going to shut your eyes for ten minutes— try and cut off your thoughts by focusing on a word that makes you happy. What you are doing is handing the situation over to the Angels to sort out. These are the basics of TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION. Letting go of the steering wheel, if you will. It brings in miracles into your reality field because you are no longer designing the picture (besides your thoughts which go to the Angels.) They always say the devil cannot hear thought!


Photo by Jared Rice

I know that many of you have started to find the balance of masculine and feminine. You don’t need a man to rescue you anymore. You don’t need a woman to make you feel like a man. You have worked through issues of the ego and are now fresh wholesome souls, here (with the youth) to save the Planet. You now need a partner who will be an equal in soul, so ask them if they understand karma. That will tell you if you connect or not. But for now, you choose when you want to go to sleep, what you eat, where you go. You are now in charge of your own life – well done!


Photo by Austin Schmid


When you wake up in the morning be very conscious of what you are grateful for. The toothpaste. The hot water. The coffee. The dog. There are millions and millions of things to be so grateful for. And this will usher in a stream of positivity towards you. I see the concerning issues from your past— many of you must consciously hand these over to the Angels. This takes faith, but if you do the cleansing ritual above, you will find that miracles occur. Go deep into your inner child and remember who you truly are.

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