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A Cosmic Soul Connection by Arcadian

Have you ever experienced spiritual passion? That moment when you are in the presence of someone, and every atom in your whole body starts to frantically vibrate— your heart feels like it wants to explode— and from your head to your toes you feel this is just right? If you have, then you have experienced a cosmic soul connection.


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When we are born, we are born without the negative experiences of love— wisdom is only gained through experiencing life. Our teenage years and early twenties are the times when we learn through experience, so that we approach our adult years as good, rounded individuals. Falling in love is a beautiful experience however it is one that can leave us feeling very venerable, especially if we have been hurt in the past. We hide behind a barrier of previously experienced pain, preemptively blocking this hurt from happening again. Then you meet someone and something just clicks. You tell yourself that this cannot be right? He/she is younger/older than me? This person is of the same sex? This person comes from a different religious background – but something in this person makes you feel like you have truly arrived home.

Stop questioning yourself. Time does not question what the universe has in store for you. Soulmates come in many shapes and sizes and we have many soulmates throughout our lives. These are the people that we connect with on a love energy cycle, and together the two of you work through a karmic contract.

No matter what shape or size your soulmate arrives in, you have to be realistic. The human in you is going to feel a cosmic soul connection. The vibe just feels right. There is a chemical match between the two of you. You cannot doubt that moment of locking eyes that stirs something deep within your soul. Is he right for me? Is she the one? And so the karmic contract— for many lifetimes— starts to turn the wheel. If it looks like a peach, feels like a peach and tastes like a peach then surely it is a peach? This may just be an analogy but apply the principals to how we are feeling – if it looks like Love, feels like Love and tastes like Love, then surely it must be Love? Now whereto from here? Let the karmic wheel work its magic, bringing wisdom to your soul.


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Cosmic vibes and attraction are around us all the time— it is Newtons Law. When we don’t bring the past into our lives, nor have fear of the future, then we can truly appreciate the moment for what it is— a time to learn, love and for your life to be witnessed by another. You will also experience that undeniable feeling of caring for someone, as much as you do for oneself.

Unfortunately in this Western Human Experience, we all live by the time on the clock, rather than by the natural timing and cycle of the Universe. We are unsure of what we attract, as we are not aware of the power of our own thoughts. We long for a soulmate but when the time comes for us to meet that incredible someone, we start doubting the process.

We have also stopped letting go and simply going with the flow. However, if you don’t sometimes take a chance, you will live with regret. Falling in love is wonderful and uncomfortable at the same time, yet we must never hold back loving someone because of insecurity and fear. If you feel attracted to someone, let them know in a subtle way that you are feeling a connection. Don’t rush in talking about marriage and babies, and a little house on the hill! But let them know that they make you feel good, that you like their vibe. Show them that you appreciate their inner being.


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With freedom of choice our destiny is ever changing, however it is perfectly natural— as spirit beings having a human experience— to find another half to make us feel whole. And if YOU are picking up on something, you can be certain the other person is too, so why not bring it up and out into the open?

Let’s not worry about the bad vibes we once experienced—take your life into your own hands, and if you feel a connection with someone reach out and let them know. If they turn you down, then you’ll know that this was a lesson, one in developing your own self confidence. But if they open up and turn to you, then you have tapped into one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe. Falling in love.


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