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An Interview with a Psychic | Draco

Meet Draco. A talented and trusted advisor, working on the Psychic Mix platform. We asked him some questions regarding his life as a Psychic, his gifts, and any advice he may have. Draco is offering everyone a fantastic discount at the moment of 75p/min! 

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When Did You First Realize You Had Spiritual / Psychic Gifts?

“I had a unique experience when I was younger with a close family member who needed help and support. This was around my 19th birthday. I felt a strong connection with the situation at hand. Honestly, I did not know what was going on.”

“I felt confused and scared in the presence of this loved one, and yet, at the same time, peace and calmness rolled over me. This is when I realized I had the answer to the burning question, however, at first I was too afraid to deliver my verdict.”

“I could fell spiritual energy entering my circle. It sounds strange but, I was certain that I had been chosen to deliver a message. Feeling energized and tired at the same time, I delivered that message. Suddenly, I could feel the connection with this loved one improve, and by the end of the day all the worries and negativity they were experiencing had disappeared.”

“After that, on several occasions, I started being drawn towards people and their emotions. I began to deliver advice with success. Then, I began meditating and practiced my empathic abilities. I also noticed through meditation I was able to open my third eye and have a connection to spirit. This all happened 20 years ago and I’m still honored to help and give my guidance where I can.”

When did you first start using your gifts to read for others?

“When I perfected my skills as a reader and a guide, I decided to share my gifts with others and to help where I can. I started doing readings in the comfort of my home to friends and family. The time arrived for me to broaden my horizons and my services to the public. I have been reading for clients for the past 15 years now. I am now reaching out to people around the world, helping them through online platforms such as Psychic Mix.”

Do You Prefer To Work With Tools? If yes, Which Tools Do You Use?

“After a while, I decided to broaden my knowledge of spirituality and stared researching Cartomancy. I bought my first pack of Tarot cards and started teaching myself the principles. I was amazed by how my Empathic abilities corresponded to the cards and their meanings. Sometimes pulling Tarot cards would help me to receive a clear understanding of the situation and also to connect with the client’s energy. I use Tarot cards, especially for Angel readings to connect to the Divine. I do this to merely serve as a guide.”

What advice would you give someone, to prepare them, before taking a reading with you?

“When I connect with a person, I can feel their energy coming through and I am able to analyze what they are feeling. I would say, connect with me with a clear and open mind, this will help you receive your messages with more clarity.”

“To receive an accurate reading from me, a person must be honest and forthcoming with information. I will need a name to connect and/or the name of the person they are interested in having a reading on”

“Sometimes, if I do not receive the correct information, I may be connecting with someone else, not of interest. While this may be confusing, this information, for whatever reason, is still part of your energy.”

“A client must keep in mind that, I only serve as a guide. I will only tell them what I see, according to the messages I receive. This must be interpreted by the client in his or her way.”

Describe your style of reading if you can?

“I do connect to spirit from time to time if allowed through the energy of the person. This will take a little more effort and energy from me to accurately give answers. Sometimes loved ones want to say hello and I will allow myself to connect.”

“To answer the short questions and to make sure I connect, I will be intuitive in my approach and as an Empath deliver my answer with kindness. I will feel the client’s situation and make it my own. With my connection to the guides, I will find a way through their issues and show the client how to find the answer to their question.”

“When it comes to card readings I will use the Crowley deck which I have mastered. If past, present, and future reading is needed I would need more time to conduct the reading.”

Any final thoughts on how you can help, when it comes to giving insight and guidance to someone.

“I feel when it’s time to look for advice and guidance, a person needs to be in touch with themselves and be prepared to receive and acknowledge the truth. It may be difficult to accept the reality of how others perceive the outcome of a situation. As an advisor, I would let a client know how I feel and how things may work out in the end. I will never judge a person on any of their actions and be willing and prepared to assist where possible. My goal is to guide clients towards the enlightened being of love and light, which indeed they were meant to be.”

What this space for another edition of An Interview with a Psychic, coming soon.

“With over 10 years of experience, my readings have helped people with their circumstances and to acknowledge how to better understand themselves. I am very intuitive and my life experiences have pushed me in the direction of spirituality and alternative healing. I mainly specialize in Tarot Readings focusing on love and relationships, Love and Light. Draco x

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Draco has also published a fantastic article discussing his journey, dealing with chronic illness. This is a fascinating read for anyone suffering from ill-health and is looking for some handy information on how best to accept their illness, overcome it, and thrive. Click HERE to read.


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