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An Invitation from Count Marco

Count Marco

Count Marco is one of our acclaimed Psychic Experts with over 25 years experience working as a professional psychic both online and offline. He is well versed in the reading of tarot cards as well as his own customised oracle cards. He offers a friendly and understanding approach, but tells it as it is. You will learn about what is coming up and not just what you want to hear. He is specifically good with timeline predictions.

He wants as many people to benefit from his services therefore he has decided to invite clients to have a reading with him between now and the end of June 2019 at a really special price of jut £1 per minute. He is confident that for customers that have not benefited from his services, that once they have spent time having a psychic reading with him, they will be more than convinced to return time again in the future.

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We also found this rare clip of him working offline, that you may find interesting:-


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