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Healing After a Failed Marriage

Divorce equals heartbreak, huge sense of loss, major loss of self-confidence, rejection, misery and sadness. How do we ever get over them? I remember the misery and sadness that accompanied the breakup of my marriage. The hurt was almost unbearable. I couldn’t sleep, eat or even think straight. I cried constantly, I had eyes that were like slits they were… Read More
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Unplugging From Our Matrix Reality – by Arcadian

“Our matrix reality is but a hologram imprinted by our individual AND collective thoughts” – Arcadian Over the past three weeks I have been writing about how to change your life by controlling your thoughts and thereby attracting miracles into your life. What are you going to do with the information you have received? Does it sound like too much… Read More
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Using Eclipse Energy (Part Two) Manifesting by Arcadian

Just know that you are on your right path and I have used tried and tested methods for manifesting exactly what it is that we need in life. First of all, our thoughts most certainly do manifest our reality. Therefore you need to ensure you are consciously working on eliminating negative thought patterns and attuning your ego to prefer to… Read More
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Manifesting 101 – Focus on the Feelings

Manifesting is a beautiful, natural process that everyone on this planet is doing concurrently, whether they realize it or not. For those of you who are aware that your thoughts create your reality, consciously trying to manifest the things you want can either come easily with no struggle— or, sometimes, with a little bit of extra effort.     Whether… Read More