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Relationship Goals That Matter

Here at Psychic Mix we are contacted by many people who are looking for love, however one thing we have noticed is an increasing rise in unrealistic relationship goals. People seem to be striving for the “perfect relationship” while ignoring the simplest things that create a lasting relationship. When Love is so difficult to find, it seems baffling that people… Read More
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Ghosting 101

Since the very first moment humans began creating relationships, so too began the “break-up”. The number of excuses used upon unsuspecting partners will rack up in the billions. However from these “billions” of break-ups throughout time, one thing has remained the same – a reason. A simply excuse or apology, something that eventually helps us to move on. “It’s not you,… Read More
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The Curse of Infatuation

Infatuation is described as an intense, short lived passion or admiration for someone or something.  Originally a more stereotypical affliction of the youth, today we are seeing an increasing number of adults struggling to identify the differences between love and lust.  Understandably so, in our fast paced lives and instant internet dating, finding love has become increasingly more difficult to… Read More
Top 5 Cases of Reincarnation Spiritual Articles 

Reincarnation – The Five Most Compelling Cases

Do you believe in Reincarnation? Have you lived before? The concept is of course very appealing. The idea that we are to be reborn. That our soul’s journey is not over and that there is still much to learn in this physical realm. The belief is predominately associated with South and East Asian traditions especially Hinduism. We do however see … Read More