Count Marco’s Cards of Cartomancy

Count Marco is one of our highly acclaimed Psychic Expert’s, with over 25 years experience working internationally as a Psychic.

Count Marco
Psychic Expert Count Marco

We recently discovered that he is also a creator and publisher of his own original and unique sets of playing cards produced to deliver Psychic Readings. His collection is known as Count Marco’s Cards of Cartomancy. They are purchased by total beginners, wanting to learn about giving psychic readings and also by many well experienced psychic readers.

One of his favourite and most popular sets was The Anne Rose Edition; these are a set of unique and original Playing Cards created for anyone to use to deliver accurate psychic readings.

He has been working on making various decks in some shape or form for the last ten years. As a psychic he really wanted to give others the opportunity to embrace this wonderful art form and gift. Remembering the joy he experienced when he got his first Tarot deck he was really motivated and encouraged to pass that on through his own original decks of psychic playing cards. Many psychics, use Tarot Cards to give psychic readings. However, he also really enjoyed the Art of Cartomancy; divination – fortune telling with a normal deck of playing cards. Thus his wish to make these playing cards specifically for psychic readings and divination as an alternative to Tarot Cards and Tarot Readings. He also wanted to make them very user friendly; so even if you have never given a reading before, within just a few hours you will feel confident to start doing some readings with wonderful and original Cards of Cartomancy.

Many experienced psychics that usually use Tarot Cards really enjoy the opportunity to be able to give some of their psychic readings using Playing Cards. Just starting out or fully experienced – these cards certainly will assist you in delivering your guidance.

The great thing when working with these decks is that you can get started straight away – the learning curve is not steep at all. But as you work with the cards you will discover more and more messages and meanings. As Count Marco says no two readings are ever the same!

Count Marco's Cards of Cartomancy - Anne Rose Edition
Count Marco’s Cards of Cartomancy – Anne Rose Edition

One of his most personal deck of playing cards was The Anne Rose Edition; a magnificent set of Playing Cards with a worn, distressed and weathered appearance on the front and back. Named after his dear beloved Mother Anne Rose, who passed to Spirit in 2014.

Count Marco’s Cards of Cartomancy Product Range

Below is selected range available for ordering today. Each pack is £25; payment is through PayPal. Postage is tracked and signed for at a cost of £9.50 per deck. Orders will be processed and dispatched with 7 – 10 days.

Anne Rose Edition – £25
This is the Anne Rose Edition set of Cards of Divination.
With these you will soon be delivering accurate psychic readings!

Annr Rose Cards of Cartomancy


Rosa Rossa Edition – £25
Discover your psychic skills today with The beautiful Rosa Rossa Edition.

Rosa Rossa Edition


Ink Splatter Deck – £25
The Ink Splatter Edition has long been a solid favourite of both beginners and experienced Psychic Readers – order your Psychic Deck today!

Edizione Solare – £25
Acclaimed for their sheer magnificent beauty these Psychic Cards can have you giving readings in no time at all.



Blue Cross Edition – £25
The Original Blue Cross Edition; Count Marco’s very first Psychic Deck of Playing Cards. They remain a top seller even today.

Blue Cross Edition