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Dreams and the Unconscious

Our dreams are best described as the link between the two states of mind; the conscious and the unconscious. They act as a bridge connecting what we know with what we don’t – the unknown. Nobody knows us better than we know ourselves however the extent of our knowledge is not directly accessible. Some is hidden, locked away from reach – with only our dreams holding the keys.  So in fully understanding our dreams we must first take a look at the unconscious state of mind.

Dreams and the unconscious mind

The unconscious
Dreams and the unconscious

Our brain is the most fascinating, powerful and least understood creation in nature. It processes 40 billion bits of information every second and it’s ability to retain knowledge is astounding with some scientists believing we could store the entirety of the internet in our heads.  However on a day to day basis we simply process information and access memories from our focal awareness. Every decision we make, every action and interaction taken is made upon accessing memories that the brain has stored in our short or long term memory banks. Everything from what we ate for breakfast this morning, to how to boil and egg, all the way back to our very first memory – all are stored in our short and long term memory.

Essentially we remember these things simply because we have deemed them worthwhile. Without even realizing it our brain has stored the relevant information for our reference at a later date. But imagine how much information we receive in our lives. Remember 40 billion bits per second! And what about our natural instincts, our desires or even our deepest darkest thoughts? Well, this is where the unconscious comes into play.

Every second of everyday your unconscious mind is working overtime storing what it deems useful or relevant. Every emotion, every conversation, every sound and smell. This is an area of your mind, hidden from your focal awareness. However don’t just think of your unconscious as merely a storage unit for the brain. The unconscious holds the key to unlocking a wealth of knowledge, not only from your own psyche, but from others as well – past and present.

This is called the collective unconscious. Renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote – “The collective unconscious comprises in itself the psychic life of our ancestors right back to the earliest beginnings”. Basically, our unconscious draws information from what we have experienced as well as the experiences of others in the psychic realm. Our dreams are a window into this realm. A brief glimpse into the unknown, a knowledge gained since the beginning of time. Awareness from our ancestors, past down from generation to generation. Our problem is, how do we access this magnitude of insight.


Interpreting your dreams

Keep a dream journal by your bed

As we discussed a dream is the window to our unconscious, this means we are the most qualified in interpreting them. Obviously only we can truly understand the symbolism that has been placed on certain aspects or situations. Researching a dream online or buying a dream dictionary is ultimately futile as what is written can only be relevant to the author. However if you do require some assistance in understanding a trickier or unusual dream then a psychic has the ability to do so. They can read the vibrations of energy that surround you.  Using their gifts along with the information from your dream as reference they can decipher the meaning for you.

There are no set rules for dream interpretation however we have outlined a few clear steps for you to take which can help achieve a further understanding of what your unconscious mind is telling you.

  • Record your dreams 

    There is only a small window of time where our minds can remember certain aspects of the dream. Sometimes it may only be the most minutest of detail. By keeping a dream journal by your bed you will be able to jot the information before you inevitably forget it. Even if all you can remember is a sound or feeling, record it. Over time you will build up enough to decipher the message.

  • Identify your emotions 

    One thing that is just as important as the imagery you are shown are your emotions. Are you content in your dream? Stressed or scared? These are essential indicators to your unconscious state of mind. Are you being confident or passive? Try and identify every aspect of your emotional state within the dream.

  • Learn to recognize patterns 

    We are not referring to an actual recurring dream here but rather non-specific links or themes that may keep appearing.  It may be something that you wouldn’t initially hold as significant – it could be something as simple as the presence of a blue sky. The unconscious mind lays symbolism everywhere in the most unlikeliest of places.  Only by analyzing every inch of the dream will you start to understand the message.

  • Even the most mundane holds meaning

    Following on from the previous point; never dismiss a dream for being too mundane. For example, you dream of driving to work – take not of all aspects of the journey. How are you feeling? What music is playing? Are you taking your usual route? Are you alone? By learning to take notice of all that is shown is beneficial to the final message.     


It is important to remember that dreams are not predictions. They are more an opportunity to gain insight and knowledge from the unconscious state.  Like we have discussed, only we can understand the symbolism relayed to us in our dreams and using dream interpretation guides are effectively useless. Only a psychic with their gifts of insight can help you on this path.  Our advice would be to record your dreams using the information we have outlined and then contact a psychic reader online to gain a full and detailed account of what your unconscious is telling you.



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