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Dreams and Their Meanings

We all dream and sometimes they can cause us to feel a wide range of emotions. From sublime happiness to touching on our darkest fears. At times, when going through trauma or upheaval in our lives our dream state can be intense or even disturbing.  Keep in mind that no harm can come in dream state.  It is merely our unconscious state of mind.  Dreams and their meanings are personal messages.  Ones only relevant to us.

For sure some dreams do hold meaning. Giving you insight and deeper knowledge into something directly connected to your life.  It could also relate to someone closely connected to you. Unlocking dreams and their meanings can be empowering with the knowledge it can bring forth.  The first thing we should look at interpreting meaning of a dream, is to define if the dream holds validity or just part of the static that the mind creates while clearing our recent brain activity.

In sleep, dreams are also a form of putting things in the right place and getting those thoughts sorted in a concise order. As that process is underway dreams are the visual traces of that process. Sometimes we will see that the dream did not hold any deeper meaning, in the way of imparting a message in the spiritual sense. Even though interpreting the meaning of a dream can on its own be enlightening and they are many sites online where you can get basic meanings of dreams. Such as dreaming of snakes or dreaming of falling and the base interpretations of those mostly will follow the same theme.

Knowing what dreams hold value and which dreams DO NOT will clear the path to ensure when a dream does hold a key or meaning it can properly dissected,and analysed to begin the unlocking of its meaning and message held within.

One of the things that can point to the meaning of a dream is if the theme is recurring over a period of nights weeks months or even years. The dream will keep coming back until its message is both delivered and understood by the intended recipients. And as with all dreams if your serious about unlocking the meanings of those important ones. It is IMPORTANT you remember them correctly.

How to remember correctly?

Before you go to bed make sure you have a pad and pen by your bedside. Soon as you awake write down everything you remember  – even the parts that do not make sense.

Such dreams that “Can” hold meaning will be remembered soon as you wake up. However as we know even the strongest of dreams can quickly get buried in the sub-conscious. So grab that pen and that paper soon as you wake up and write down EVERYTHING you remember from your dream. It may not make any sense at the time – but later on when brain has archived the dream and you cant remember it – it can be fascinating to read back on those notes you make. In doing so you keep a record and build a picture if you like as to what patters if any they are.

Then at some point you may wish to get such dreams analysed by an Empath such as yours truly! And the more precise detail we have from the dream(s) the more we can see if the dream does hold meaning or is just “static” In the end dreams can hold keys – can hold messages – and understanding the true meanings and messages of such dreams can bring immense insight and knowledge. Never fear what happens in dream land ever – embrace it and keep that Pen n Paper by your bedside.

You should contact a Psychic if you have a strong recurring dream. They will be able to interpret the message for you.

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