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An Interview with a Psychic | Etilly Meadow

Meet Etilly Meadow. A talented and trusted advisor, working on the Psychic Mix platform. We asked her some questions regarding her life as a Psychic, her gifts, and any advice she may have.

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When Did You First Realize You Had Spiritual / Psychic Gifts?

“The funny thing about this is that my mother tells me that I always used to answer questions she asked in her head, without her asking out loud, even as a very small child. But I did what nearly all children do – I listened to the adults around me who told me what was normal, and so as I grew, I would say I ignored those gifts.”

“It wasn’t until my mid-20s when I started to focus and think about it, and consider these gifts truly possible; I didn’t suppress it exactly, just ignored it or brushed it off as coincidence. It was in my early 30s when I started to discover just how powerful these abilities could be, and the more I worked on it, the stronger and more reliable these gifts became. Now, it’s as easy and automatic as breathing, because I live it every day.” 

When did you first start using your gifts to read for others?

“Just as I had always answered questions I heard in my mind, I would pass along messages I thought someone needed to hear, so in a way, I have always been reading for people. I started to focus on specific readings and questions people had about 6 years ago.”

Do You Prefer To Work With Tools? If yes, Which Tools Do You Use?

“I prefer to work with Tarot and Oracle cards, however, I can work entirely without them as well. My reason for working with Tarot and Oracle is it helps the messages come through clearer and more specific with the imagery. I like to give my clients the most out of their readings, and anything to speed the process is valuable to both of us. I do keep many crystals around my house and reading area to help keep energies clear and open.”

What advice would you give someone, to prepare them, before taking a reading with you?

“Have your questions ready to go! I move as fast as you do, so the more preprepared you are, the more you will get out of your reading! Also, try to focus on only the reading at the time, without other distractions around (Life can get busy and hectic, I understand). It’s not uncommon for me to pick up on other things you’re doing at the time, like eating lunch or chatting to someone else. Those messages come through as well, and I have to sift through them – it’s sort of like trying to listen to 4 conversations at once! Which is why it’s also important to try and ask one question at a time.

Describe your style of reading if you can?

“My reading style is a little bit hectic – when I am using tarot and oracle, I don’t necessarily have a set spread that I use. I rely on the cards to help tell stories, and because every story is different, every layout is slightly different. As I look into the stories of the cards and the order in which they’ve come, visions begin coming into my mind, and I use the cards to guide me through that – even pausing to ask for more details in certain areas. The information comes in very quickly, and I often find myself typing with my eyes closed holding on to the visions.

Any final thoughts on how you can help, when it comes to giving insight and guidance to someone.

“I have a background in teaching, counseling, and varied therapies, as well as raising children who have been through foster care. This gives me more of a solutions-based focus on readings. I don’t want to just give you answers – I want to help you find practical solutions to get through these challenges using your intuition and messages from your guides.


Hi there, my name is Karyn, but my friends call me K (that includes you!) I work with Tarot cards, Oracle cards, my intuition and your spirit guides to bring you answers to your questions. If I don’t see it or feel it, I won’t say it. I am LGBTQ+ and Poly friendly – no judgment, I am here to help!

If you would like to chat with Etilly Meadow, click HERE and you will be directed to her profile.


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