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The Five of Swords Rider Waite Image

Let’s continue on our virtual tarot travel together. Last time we discussed the five of pentacles. From one five, let us go to another. The five of swords. This card is also not associated with great rejoicings like The Sun or even minor arcana cards like the four of wands. In the Rider Waite imagery, the five of swords depicts a person holding three swords while other people are walking away from him. Also noticeable are the two other swords on the floor.

Much has been said about this lesser understood card. Some say it is an omen of negativity to come. I have read elsewhere that it pertains to defeat or loss. Others say it can mean an empty victory that leads to people walking away. The various interpretations are again far from the rainbows and sunshine that most people would rather hear in a reading.

Yet one of the readers I look up to most dares to differ. It was from her, I heard for the first time that the five of swords upright represents victory and the end of the conflict.

So what is my take on all these? Well, for starters I admit that this card is one that baffled me at the start of my tarot journey. It was not a very cheery card, yet I did not identify with all the doom and gloom either. I always took it as a warning or as a guide to be extra alert.

Yes, the five of swords shows that there is conflict. There are differences that will have to be resolved one way or another. Sometimes it can lead to a situation where everyone emerges a winner somehow. Yet at times, there will be bigger winners than others.

The Five of Swords

For me, the five of swords represents victory. It is a victory though that may come with a price like ruffled feelings on the part of people who may matter to us. That is why it is important to be alert and to pick our battles. We need to be sure that we are pursuing something worthwhile for us. Why risk ruffling feathers over something that does not matter to us?

When I pick the five of swords for myself, I am reminded to be more understanding and open-minded. We all want to be victors in every situation but yes, at times the cost of victory may not be worth it. Try asking yourself the question I have learned to ask myself next time you are on the verge of losing your temper or potentially expending time and energy on something petty: “Is it worth it?”

Till our next tarot travel.

Catriona x

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