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Is My Ex Coming Back? by Psychic Gabriela

That dreaded day arrived, and the love of your life has left you. You are in total shock and disbelief. Questions of how?, why?, when?, and what? don’t stop hammering at your brain.

That dreaded day arrived, and the love of your life left you. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

After a few weeks, still feeling rather battered you may start thinking if he ever cared at all. I am sure he did care otherwise he would not have spent so much time with you, but circumstances change, and each person has various reasons for wanting a break or to move on.

The best thing that you can do for yourself and possibly for the hope of the relationship returning is to cut off completely for 1 – 3 months. There is no question about this. I get calls saying but if I cut off, he will forget about me. If that happens then he does not love you any longer and it is better to be faced with the truth than living in hope.

So cut off, step back and stop looking for signs from him or following him on social media, that in itself is pure torture.

You need to work on yourself. Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash

During this time, you need to work on yourself, and see why you truly want him back in your life. Ask yourself, and please try and be as honest as possible, why do you want him back? Will he add to your life? or is it just so you can get rid of these feelings of pain and rejection?

Of course, you wanting him back has to coincide with what he wants too. If he is interested in getting back with you and showing that he still cares, he will do things that will let you know he has not let go, then there still might be a chance. If he is hot one day and cold the next, this means that he has unresolved feelings for you. This is a sign that he is not sure that he did the right thing and he is not over you.

If he contacts you either by text, messenger or Facebook it means he still wants to keep in contact with you, he is not ready to let that connection die. But listen carefully to what he has to say, if he is arranging to collect his things or sorting out things you both had responsibilities for, it is not likely that he is calling to rekindle the romance.

Another sure sign is that he keeps in contact with your family and friends and keeps on asking about you, if he was over you, he would not show that amount of interest.


Is he putting pictures on social media with a new partner? Photo by Duri from Mocup on Unsplash

If he is regularly putting pictures on social media with a new partner, very soon after your breakup? Then it is most likely that he wants to get a reaction out of you, and he is probably in a rebound relationship. This is very insensitive and shows he is very confused and not sure that he has done the right thing, posting these are more about convincing himself and friends that he is having fun. Please ignore this sign and wait it out until he shows more signs.

So, he is showing these signs but you still need to be aware that you are not together, and once again I urge you to examine the relationship and see where it broke down. Be prepared to look at yourself and see where the fun ended, and where and when you began to feel uncomfortable with the relationship. Ask yourself:

Are you ready to communicate all of this to your ex? Are you prepared to take responsibility for some of the issues? And, are you able to set boundaries?

Send him a letter, yes email him a letter. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

If you find he is doings things to keep up with what you are doing and you feel that you have taken enough time to heal from the terrible pain, and you are ready to start afresh with new energy and vigor, send him a letter, yes email him a letter. Be open about your feelings but don’t be pushy and hysterical, be more interested in what he thinks about the future of the relationship.

It will be difficult to wait for the reply, and generally they will take some time before they will respond. If the response is friendly and kind, then the ball is in your court, and you could reply by asking them out for a cup of coffee or a drink.

Unfortunately, if he does not respond it means he is busy with his life and has decided he does not want you to be part of it at this stage.

If he agrees to meet, look for the signs of how he looks at you and how he responds to you. You don’t need to overthink any of this, if he is interested in getting back it will be very clear.

Wishing you all the clarity you need. If you want to delve deeper into this come and chat with on Psychicmix.com

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