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Manifesting 101 – Focus on the Feelings

Manifesting is a beautiful, natural process that everyone on this planet is doing concurrently, whether they realize it or not. For those of you who are aware that your thoughts create your reality, consciously trying to manifest the things you want can either come easily with no struggle— or, sometimes, with a little bit of extra effort.


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Whether you’re a Law of Attraction pro, or just tapping into your own potential, sometimes the most basic things are the most overlooked, because we tend to get lost in the little details rather than standing back and allowing the big picture to unfold in front of us.


I’ve often— at this point, you’ve probably had it drilled into your skull— spoken about the power that gratitude has over your experiences. Even if you’re in the toughest spot of your life, finding something to be thankful about is the best, easiest way to attract more, bigger things that you’re genuinely grateful for. But that’s not the end of it: you can (and totally should!) be grateful for your amazing future. Be thankful for the things you know are coming down the pipeline: new opportunities, new relationships, more money, etc. Before you know it, those things you want will be your reality, all because you took some time out of your day right now to acknowledge just how amazing it is that you have those things.


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But, you may be saying to yourself, I don’t feel grateful for something I don’t have because it’s not mine (yet).


Well, my friend, with that attitude, it’s unlikely you’ll get what you want when you want it. Luckily, there are other ways to tap into the universe’s favoritism of you (yes! The universe is rigged in your favor. It wants you to succeed, even if you’re uncertain of what that looks like at the moment).


Take a minute and think about what you want right now. No matter how big or how small, focus on it; now realize that what you actually want, the thing you will actually savor once you have your desire is the feeling that comes with achieving your heart’s desire. I know, I know, it sounds a little out of left-field, but just trust me on this one.


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When I was first to manifest my home, I spent too much time fixated on it as a physical oasis, the solution to all of my (back then, multitudinous) problems. When it didn’t happen and I was stuck on multiple waiting lists for accessible housing, I became desperate: I was desperate to leave my former house because I felt unsafe. I was furious that no one was taking me seriously, and I was put on wait list after wait list because there was no room for me anywhere. I was afraid that I’d be stuck there, essentially voiceless and miserable, my entire life.


I wanted my home. But all the universe was getting from me was negativity, anxiety, and hopelessness. Not exactly the best fuel to make magic happen.


Finally, I decided that things had to change. When I started writing down the things I was grateful for in my life, I started to notice an abrupt turnaround, and rather than clinging to the thought of: “I want my home, I’m getting my home, I WANT MY F*CKING HOME I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS F*CKING HELLHOLE.” I changed my perspective by focusing on the feelings having my new home would bring me: inner peace, health, happiness, physical and emotional security, more gratitude than I could ever properly express.


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It was like I’d finally pressed the “START” button on my life. Through scripting, I was able to detail exactly the sort of place I wanted— I no longer have the paper I used, but I wanted a place that was “all-accessible, the perfect size for me and my one-eyed cat.” I spent a few minutes every day building off the feelings I wanted to have in my new home, and one day something in me just sort of clicked. I knew I’d be moving soon (with no physical evidence to back that up) and I was just granted a wonderful, serene sense of calmed relief; the kind you get when you’ve been through the ringer, but here comes your ride, it’s time to get in, close the door, and never look back.


A week later, I got an email saying there was an opening for me in an accessible building: after years of desperately wanting a place to call my own, many false starts and empty promises, I finally got to go home.


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Even today, five months after moving in, I can tell you that all the feelings I focused on having— inner peace, health, happiness, physical and emotional security, and a profound sense of relief that was unexpected but is very much appreciated— are the ones that resonate with me every single day. Every morning when I wake up, happy and well-rested, I feel immense gratitude that is more powerful than any of the other negative emotions I was wrestling with in the past.


If there is something you’re reaching for in this life, my advice to you is to not focus on the thing you want, but rather: the wonderful feelings supplied by what you want. You get back what you give, so make sure you’re giving from a place of abundance. Even if you can’t see or touch the thing you want, you can attach positive emotions to it, and help make it part of your reality.


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It can be easy to go down the rabbit-hole of “techniques” espoused as foolproof by expensive, self-proclaimed manifestation coaches, but before you go through the trouble of buying into what they’re selling, try feeling it out first. Chances are, you know exactly what sort of emotional rush you’re looking for via your desires. Focus on your feelings— how you know you’ll be when you have the thing you’re looking for— and the rest will come naturally.



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