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Mercury Retrograde & Three Eclipses – Hold on Tight!

Common folklore has now expanded across the Western World and the statement Mercury Retrograde seems to send everyone into a panic. Here are some sensible New Age facts about what happens when the planet ruling communication, travel, and contracts appears to move backwards in the Zodiac Horoscope circle.

Things you CAN do during Mercury Retrograde.

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When Mercury goes into Retrograde, anything and everything concerning communication seems to go sideways and becomes very unpredictable. This is the time your car will get a flat tyre, your computer will go on the blink, your important email will not be received and even travel plans may become chaotic.

However, there is a good side to this energy. It’s a good time to start journaling your thoughts and spending some time on your soul reflecting inwards. Think carefully and deeply about what common themes have been coming up in your life recently. What’s been on your mind? Think about the things you need to do, things you need to change and the people you need to talk to. NOW is the time to take action on these areas of your life.

Are there any limiting beliefs or friendships that need attending to? How’s your spiritual path going? Are you taking the time to cut off from the human matrix for at least ten minutes a day, to allow the Universe to bring some order to the chaos we create in our lives as humans? Now is certainly the time to do so —meditation is a very positive feature to adopt and it will allow your life to progress smoothly.

Are you in touch with your instincts, your sixth sense? Do you know what it is that you want and where life is heading? What repetitive thoughts are appearing in your mind? Take the time to slow life down and listen to what your inner voice is guiding you to do.

A Few Things NOT to do in Mercury Retrograde (unless you have thought things through to the smallest detail)

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Don’t act upon the first thought you have in your head about something. Wait 24 hours and think about the other options or what could actually go wrong with the particular action you wish to take? Don’t try and book up a holiday or a weekend away — wait for four weeks until this time is over. Try not to sign any contracts unless you have seriously gone over the small print a couple of times. Try not to make any large purchases, like a car or house and avoid starting any long term projects, as small gremlins may appear in your reality causing unseen delays.

Basically, use this time to know yourself better and do not let other people take control of your own inner steering wheel. If a job needs to be done, do it yourself, as you may be let down unintentionally by other people, especially if they are not walking the spiritual path and are unaware of the planetary influence of a Mercury Retrograde

How to Thrive During Mercury Retrograde.

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Remember as you go through this four week period the three R’s – Review, Renew and Rejuvenate. Apply this particularly to your soul’s journey during this time, as there could be many emotional triggers trying to bring you down. Clear out the clutter in your life— either literally, by sorting out drawers and cupboards and donating items to a charity OR simply consciously in your mind. Don’t forget to pay attention to your own needs, as people may be self-absorbed during this time, worried about the chaos presenting in their own lives. This is a perfect time to review your goals for the next 12 months and to work out what it truly is you wish to manifest in your life.

And What About the Eclipses?

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Coupled with Mercury Retrograde is the fact that we are dead centre in major eclipse energy! The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of June is mirrored by the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of July. Then in the centre is the grande Solar Eclipse (21st of June), which is also the solstice. This provides an abundance of powerful and spiritual energies which last approximately 35 days. It is a time that can be incredibly life-changing and very emotionally charged.

All in all, this period of time is an amazing portal for change, considering many countries are now coming out of Lockdown and people are free again to socialise and mingle. Stay true to yourself and try your very best not to get caught up in the drama. Prepare to expect the unexpected and ensure you cut off consciously every day for at least ten minutes from the worries of the world.

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