Symbols of the tarot.The Symbols of the Tarot 

The Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card

A lobster crawls out of the water and humanity is born. The beginning of our journey from a primordial species, consciousness is now achieved. From here the path begins, winding its way towards the horizon, where our enlightenment resides. The lobsters journey is long and many changes or decisions must be taken.

The Meaning of the moon tarot card
 The Moon Tarot Card

Our path first encounters a wolf and dog howling at the Moon. Two creatures of great similarity yet they demonstrate such opposing behaviors. The wild wolf signifies our animalistic nature, our instincts and desires. The wolf can be aggressive and craves the physical, while the dog is civilized, with a gentle and pleasing nature. The Moon tarot card teaches us that we must walk the path of balance in order to reach our goals. That if we lean heavily towards appeasing our animalistic tendencies, enlightenment is harder to attain.

A large Moon glows in the sky between two tall, imposing towers. The Moon, a symbol of the unconscious state of mind, shines a light upon our hopes and dreams, guiding us towards our goal. An illuminated path winds into the distance and out of sight, through the rocky mountains that lay ahead. This is our path, the journey we must take to reach higher consciousness. For our goals to be achieved we must remain on course. There is only one road for us to take. Focus is required to keep us on track, as many external forces may wish to distract us, leaving us wandering aimlessly and without purpose.

Alas our journey is not an easy one. At this point only the uncertain, harsh mountains are visible. What lies behind them is still unknown. Although we must not fear the mountains, such uncertainty opens us up to many new possibilities. A mountain to climb builds our strength and courage, easing our anxieties of the future.

The Moon offers to guide us, however unlike the Sun, the Moon has limited light to give, subsequently illuminating only parts of our journey.  The future shall remain shrouded in darkness meaning that only what is directly in front of us should be dealt with. Plainly put, one step at a time is the best way in achieving our goals. If we believe in ourselves then the struggles that we may encounter won’t affect us. If we remain focused we shall proceed towards enlightenment.

The meaning of the moon tarot card
   The Moon Tarot Card

However before our journey is complete, we must first pass between the two towers. These are a representation of good and evil. Moral dilemmas shall face us. Many questions must be answered. The similarity of the towers is a warning, showing us that not everything is so black and white. The right path to take may not be easily identifiable and that great caution must be taken.

The Moon tarot card teaches us of the duality of life. That life is made up of opposing forces – good and evil, wild and domestic, masculine and feminine – and that a balance of these energies creates a harmony in our lives. Furthermore only this balance can keep us on the right track. It also shows us that with every situation we encounter there are always two possibilities and that rushing into the unknown is ill advised.

Essentially the Moon tarot card teaches us that we are all on a journey, one that is filled with many twists and turns. It shows us that we must remain focused on our end goals and that deviating from the path shall leave us without purpose. We must realise that we can achieve anything we wish, as long as we have a clear vision of where we are heading. Also we must be honest with ourselves and our expectations, and by keeping a balance of actions and ideas, we shall finally reach our destination.







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