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My Journey of Belief by Jessica Carbert

Belief is everything— whether you’re actively manifesting something, tackling a goal, or wading outside your comfort zone to try something new; you have to believe in yourself and the process enough to stick with it and get results.

I wasn’t a believer. I thought the Law of Attraction was a hoax, meditation was patently useless, and psychics were all charlatans out to prey on the weak and desperate, with no spiritual gifts to speak of, because those things didn’t exist.

 “I shut down socially”.

So, one thing you need to know about me: I’m disabled. I was born this way, it’s just the way it is. I say this because it does factor into where I used to be: at the time, I was still struggling with the grief of an enormous personal loss, and on top of it, dealing with someone else’s addiction problem and volatile temper. I was stuck in an environment where I was wrung out, frustrated, unsafe, and gaslighted on a regular basis. I didn’t sleep, my relationship with food became unhealthy, and I cut off contact with friends and shut down socially— I was embarrassed of my situation, and desperate to get out. But everyone I did turn to, while they were horrified on my behalf, they could not help. I had nowhere to go, and I thought every email I sent out was just a waste of everyone’s time. I was utterly listless at work (in a job I resented. None of my “dream jobs” were interested in hiring someone like me), both traditional and retail therapy were used to try and soothe my soul Every accessible housing agency I spoke to was “at capacity,” or I was stuck on a longlist that didn’t budge. I truly believed I’d spend the rest of my days as a prisoner paying for someone else’s mistakes. I don’t know what changed— but after nearly a decade of scraping along the bottom of life’s barrel, something in me just clicked.

I started small. Meditating just so I could have an excuse to take ten minutes out of every 24 hours and unplug from the hostile, toxic environment I was in. Then I read about chakras and started using targeted meditations to balance mine— and then I did my own research into the Law of Attraction. I was able to wrap my head around universal laws that had, thanks to mainstream media, seemed like a load of nonsense, and slowly, very slowly, I was carving a new life path out for myself.


“She told me not to give up on my dreams”


But the only reason that worked is because I took a chance, and I believed that no matter what, I would get through it, and I’d be happy again. Don’t get me wrong— there was a point at which I thought “Maybe the Law of Attraction works for everyone except me. Maybe I’m doing something wrong…” but luckily, while I was browsing a message board, I found a thread about good internet psychics. I don’t know what made me click it, to this day, but I did, and I scrolled through pages of names and testimonials. I was about to go back when I saw someone mention Raani. If that name sounds or looks familiar, it’s because Raani is one of the psychics that works with Psychic Mix. Something about Raani seemed solid; none of my internal alarm bells were blaring, and I didn’t scoff or roll my eyes. The people on the forum who had relied on her guidance said she was always honest, even if she said something contrary to what they wanted to hear, and that’s why they liked her. It took me a day, but I did eventually pluck up the courage to ask Raani for a reading. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what she delivered blew my mind. Within the span of just one reading, Raani successfully converted me into a true believer: she was able to get to the heart of a lot of issues, she unearthed things that I had thought but never said aloud, she told me not to give up on my dreams, that change was coming, and procrastination was utterly useless. Most of all, she was kind, direct, specific, and to-the-point.

At first I was cautious, waiting to see if what she’d said would actually play out. I thought any good things on their way would be staggered out over the course of a decade, like mouse droppings. But I took her advice to heart. I had put off searching for a place to call my own— but I tried again, filling them in on my situation, and for the first time that night, when I wrote out a list of things to be grateful for, it was authentic. I remember falling asleep that night thinking, “wow. I believe every single word Raani said, because how could she know all these things about me otherwise? She was so specific, and if she says things will get better, I bet they will.”


“I found a new place to call home”

Things snapped into place quickly after that. I put in the work to change them because I now had a renewed sense of who I was and what I wanted. I committed myself to lifestyle changes and started getting in shape; I stopped purchasing things I didn’t need. I was baldly honest with friends about why I’d cut them off. I rescued a one-eyed cat (well, actually, he rescued me) and he’s brought nothing but joy into my life. With her reading, Raani gave me so much more than her talent and insight: she gave me hope, and she returned to me a gift I’d long-ago forgotten: the gift of belief. I believed things would get better (they have, they are), I believed I could handle whatever came next (I have, I do). She helped me to make glorious changes— and best of all, I found a new place to call home.

All that is to say: I get what it’s like to be so incredibly pessimistic that you don’t believe in anything anymore. It’s hard to rally enough faith in yourself when you’re in that headspace. But faith comes in the most surprising of ways, often when we need it most. Thanks to Raani, I have a brand new lease on life; my mind is open, and I believe in possibilities I had never even considered before.


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