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We are excited to announce that Romina has joined  as one of our Psychic Experts.

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Romina truly is one of the kind. Combing both the spiritual and the scientific, giving her clients guidance, clarity and exploration of answers in ways which will astound many.

Very intuitive, caring and with strong empath traits, Romina will always say it as she sees it, without ever loosing sight of the very personal aspect of having a private psychic session with her.

Romina in her own words below tells us a little about herself. Expect to hear much more from this lovely and very spiritual lady.

We are most privileged to have her join our team!


Romina in her own words

“My name is Romina, and I have been working as a professional therapist since 1998. I work from Denmark now and before that, abroad in health and spiritual care. I started my career as a doctor-qualified skin therapist, but the interest in developing myself to gain a better understanding of the whole human being, I chose to educate myself in various therapeutic such as; Neurophysiology Therapist, Craniosacral, Thought Field Therapist, Mindfulness, Humanistic Psychotherapy, including NLP Coaching and more.”

“I have a great understanding of the importance of composing a deep healing process by communicating with your spiritual guides, and to convey messages in combination with professional counseling and guidance.”

“My sole purpose is to focus on you, a person who like us all are searches for answers.  Together we can find your inner strength regardless of the circumstances in your life . With my guidance and Spiritual based approach together we will focus on your needs, and where needed give answers as to what to expect. Even the most challenging of life situations have answers – if we know where to look!”

“I am a very empathetic person by nature, and I do have a great love for my work as a professional clairvoyant, because I always become a part of my clients personal development.”

“I understand the art of the spiritual world, and in love and gratitude, I work with morality and ethics, consisting of secrecy and acceptance, as well as sympathy and empathy. With great respect for the individual, I perform my work with humility. Looking forward to welcoming you with open arms, so that we together can create the desired result.”

Best wishes Romina

Languages spoke English and Danish

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