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Following on from our article on “How To Choose Your Psychic” which can be viewed here . We now look at how best you can prepare for your Psychic reading.

Whatever your reasoning for pursuing a psychic reading today; a small amount of preparation beforehand can be the key to unlocking the full extent of the gifts that your reader can bestow. Whether you are simply inquiring on what the future may have in store, or whether you require a deeper clarity regarding a situation you find yourself in – a small amount of preparation is paramount to maximizing the benefits you will receive.

All it takes are a few small steps before your reading to provide you with a clearer, more precise understanding of the questions you seek.


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Remove all distractions before having a reading


Cleanse Your Environment

A psychic connection is a trinity between the reader, the client and Spirit. A cosmic triangle bound by a one true force – energy. Your reader can read these energies as they move around you, by interpreting the vibrations. They then take witness to how they relate to your specific situation.

Psychic energies flow freely around us however certain external factors may impact this stream subsequently interfering with the psychic’s ability to decipher them. Make sure that the room you are sat in is neat and tidy, free from distractions.

If the television or radio is playing in the background then turn it off, these are not only distractions of the mind but also an obstructionist element to the psychic energies. In fact we recommend having as many electrical items unplugged as possible; the electromagnetic waves can sometimes act as a barrier.

Finally, an internal clarity is just as important as an external one. Relax, a tranquil mind is more of an open door – energy cannot flow through a closed one. Make sure you are comfortable where you sit and while we appreciate your situation may be stressful one – try and stay calm. Furthermore, having a psychic reading while under the influence of alcohol may certainly be fun however it won’t provide the best results.

Be Open and Ask Questions

Psychic readers are here for one reason – to help others. They use their gifts to further develop the understanding and enlightenment of a client’s situation for the greater-good. Trying to test them by asking the impossible or by remaining silent, in order to prove their skills is only hurting one person – you.

Your psychic reads the energies that surround you and then interprets them accordingly. Consequently by asking genuine questions you are merely helping the reader to further understand what Spirit is showing them.

The best readings are always one of dialogue, not monologue. Once a connection has been made it becomes a two-way street. If the reader is doing all the talking then you are only wasting an opportunity to receive greater insight. Prepare your questions before hand, if you don’t then you may forget something crucial.

Ask as many open-ended questions as possible, this will provide you with a fuller more detailed response. Asking simple “Yes or No” questions will only stunt the dialogue and subsequently the energies as well

Take Notes

Preparing for a reading
Take notes to fully remember the message

Depending on the length of your psychic reading you are potentially going to receive a great wealth of guidance. Trying to retain such information is often too difficult; this is why we recommend that you come prepared, armed with a pen and paper. If you don’t do this then you simply run the risk of the memory adding it’s own interpretation to the message somewhere down the line.

Try and record everything that has been revealed to you; this includes anything you deem irrelevant. Certain messages may not instantaneously seem apparent however give them some time as they may come to fruition later on. When this happens you’ll be grateful to have taken notes. Then you’ll have a clear reference to what was revealed to you.



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