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Samhain Tarot Reading

Samhain is the time of year when the veil between the spirit and physical worlds thin and our ancestors can be heard much more clearly. In this modern world, we often forget that we can learn from what has come before and from those who have passed.

This Tarot spread is designed to connect you with the energies on either side of the veil and help you use them in your life. The Samhain season is the time to honor those who have passed, learn from them and celebrate them.

The spread itself is based on the physical/emotional world and the underworld. It will address what to embrace and what to release; what to celebrate and what to consider; what to approach with courage and what you fear.

This is a sample of the Samhain Tarot Reading, If you’d like to order this reading for yourself to be done by me, you can do so here:  http://bit.ly/SamhainTarot

What to Embrace
Nine of Cups (Reversed)
The Nine of Cups wants you to embrace using delays to spend more time on realistic analysis of your dreams and goals. Just because things aren’t happening on your schedule, doesn’t mean they’re not happening at all. If something is delayed, it is giving you more time to prepare for success. Use that time to your advantage.


What to Release
Queen of Pentacles (Upright)
The Queen of Pentacles wants you to release your need to be mother to everyone. Instead, focus on being practical and what you can do to improve your own life. Let other people live their lives rather than trying to live them for them.


My Courage
Seven of Cups (Reversed)
It will take courage to refocus your priorities and shift to a more realistic worldview. Your preferred world view is what you want to see rather than what is right in front of you. It is time to shift more toward reality, no matter now difficult that might be.


My Fears
II The High Priestess (Upright)
The High Priestess wants you to look inward so you can acknowledge and work on your fears of the inner and divine realms in your life. Magick isn’t evil and you need not fear it, but you do. Ask yourself why and work on becoming more comfortable with what you cannot see.


What to Celebrate
Ten of Pentacles (Upright)
It is time to celebrate security, affluence, comfort, and permanence in your life. You’ve laid a foundation and worked hard; paid attention. Prosperity will flourish and you should celebrate that in your life. Just maintain moderation so you do not lose what you have gained to frivolous actions.


What to Contemplate
King of Wands (Reversed)
Consider who in you life is impatient, aggressive and takes foolish risks. Is it you? If it is, consider what you can do to balance your life more. If it is someone else, consider whether or not it is time to release them from your life to help you find balance.




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