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My Journey Dealing with Sickness by Draco

The past few months I have been dealing with a situation that completely drained me. My energy and empathetic abilities were lost. My mental, physical and spiritual well-being was suffering. Everyone and everything irritated me and I was unable to communicate like normal. Assurance and guidance from family or friends had no value to me anymore. I had fallen ill.… Read More
Top 5 Cases of Reincarnation Spiritual Articles 

Reincarnation – The Five Most Compelling Cases

Do you believe in Reincarnation? Have you lived before? The concept is of course very appealing. The idea that we are to be reborn. That our soul’s journey is not over and that there is still much to learn in this physical realm. The belief is predominately associated with South and East Asian traditions especially Hinduism. We do however see … Read More