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Mercury Retrograde & Three Eclipses – Hold on Tight!

Common folklore has now expanded across the Western World and the statement Mercury Retrograde seems to send everyone into a panic. Here are some sensible New Age facts about what happens when the planet ruling communication, travel, and contracts appears to move backwards in the Zodiac Horoscope circle. Things you CAN do during Mercury Retrograde. When Mercury goes into Retrograde,… Read More
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Tarot Readings by The Merry Man

The Amazing Astrologer Merry Man is now Offering Tarot Readings! See Details Below. Ask The Merry Man one question and he will tell you what he sees. His mysterious and insightful horoscopes amaze all who read them. Now, you can directly ask the man himself to peer into your own personal situation, to offer clarity and guidance. One question is… Read More
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Birth Chart Readings by The Merry Man

  Birth Chart Readings Introductory Offer ONLY £150  Do you enjoy the Merry Man’s horoscopes? Are you looking for further insight into your personality and situations? The Merry Man is now offering full birth chart readings, providing you with a deep understanding of yourself and your path. What is an Astrology Birth Chart? Imagine a birth chart as a guide… Read More