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Manifesting 101 – Focus on the Feelings

Manifesting is a beautiful, natural process that everyone on this planet is doing concurrently, whether they realize it or not. For those of you who are aware that your thoughts create your reality, consciously trying to manifest the things you want can either come easily with no struggle— or, sometimes, with a little bit of extra effort.     Whether… Read More
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Two Simple Words That Will Improve Your Life

If you’re just (consciously) starting to shape your life with the Law of Attraction, the most important sentence in your vocabulary should be “I do.” Simple but true. Human beings have an inherent negativity bias— we react more strongly to negativity— and this bias shapes our daily experiences. Often we are stubbornly clutching onto a high-res picture of exactly what… Read More
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Negative Thoughts & The Law of Attraction

Working with the Law of Attraction happens whether we consciously acknowledge it or not. Less than a year ago, I was stuck in a situation that I felt powerless to change, but once I started embracing the Law of Attraction (and seeking help from a psychic, which ultimately allowed me to confidently help myself), I realized everything was possible. I… Read More