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The Beginners Guide to Astral Projection by Psychic Greg

Have you ever wondered about astral projection? You are in luck, below you will find a beginners guide to astral project and I will also answer some commonly asked questions at the end of this article. So if you have questions or concerns you will likely find an answer there. If you would like further help with meditation or spiritual/psychic enlightenment or if you would like a reading please click on my profile link HERE and I will be more than happy to help.


How to Astral Project

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  • To begin this process; I personally like to become very relaxed before bed. I light two or three white candles, shut the windows and turn off all technology and sound. Then, I meditate for at least half an hour before going to bed. Whatever you do, please do not attempt to project after reading or watching television, as you won’t be able to clear your mind properly.
  • Next, I turn off the lights and blow out the candles, get into bed and lay flat on my back. I then close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing. In and out— in and out— in and out— clearing my mind of all thoughts.

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  • What happens next can be one of two things. Sometimes, I will find myself already astral projecting, without even realising it, or sometimes I feel a vibration. When either of these two things happens, it is very important that you do not become overly excited. Remain calm and focused on your breathing.
  • As the vibrations wash all over your body, you need to imagine yourself rising up from your body— as if you are floating. As you do so, you will rise up, reaching the ceiling (which again can be very exciting, visually). It is very important that you do not bring yourself out of this. Now, gently allow yourself back down to the ground. Remember, when you are astral projecting, you are able to move however you want with ease.

Please be aware, a lot of beginners of astral projection can experience fear when they do it the first few times. This is nothing to be worried about, you can always bring yourself back to your body anytime you wish, by simply imagining it.


Frequently Asked Questions

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I tried all the above steps, but it didn’t work! Why not?

If you cannot do it on your first time, keep trying and practising. Some people get it with their first try, while others it takes years to master. Do not give up! Astral projection is very enlightening and very worthwhile. If it didn’t work, you might have to try breathing differently or you could be thinking too much while trying— there could be a lot of different reasons. But if you follow the instructions above, you will get there!

I became very frightened or saw scary things when I first tried. Will this always happen?

No, it will not, a lot of people have reported being in scary situations or seeing scary faces etc when attempting this for the first few times. Astral projection is all about what you want to see in the universe, but in the beginning, you are not able to control what you see. Keep practising and if you become nervous, project yourself back to your body and try again another time.

Is astral projection a dream? Or hallucinations?

No, astral projection is an out of body experience, that takes place on the spiritual plane, in the whole universe. If we want to, we are also able to project ourselves to points in the past or the future. It is also possible to project ourselves into another living being, depending on how advanced you become. Another word of advice, if you have a big day at work or you need to do a lot the day after, then think about doing it another time. As you awake after a night of projecting, it is like you have had no sleep at all!

Can another soul enter my body as I am projecting?

No, this is not possible. As you are projecting you are tethered to your body and this is completely unbreakable, it can only stretch. There is no way another soul can enter your body as you are projecting. If you are anxious about this, you could always put a ring of salt around you as you project.


Thank you for taking the time to read my article, it has been a pleasure writing it and I hope you found it informative. If you have any further questions, or if you would like a reading, please do not hesitate to contact me, details of which can be found on my profile page. Click HERE to view my profile.

Have fun projecting!



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