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The five of pentacles
The Five of Pentacles

I wrote this piece at a time when many parts of the world are still in lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic. Since travelling physically is not possible or at least not ideal, even for those living in areas that are not under strict lockdown, let us travel virtually together and revisit some tarot cards. So I would like to introduce to you, the five of pentacles.

There are plenty of tarot cards that have received good press over the decades. The Sun is a popular one. For this tarot travel series though, let us allow the spotlight to be on the less understood or arguably less liked cards.

I have always believed that no card is purely positive or purely negative. There are positives and negatives that we can draw from each one. Just as none of us is perfect. We all have strengths and weaknesses. What we try to do is make the most of our strengths and work on our weaknesses so that they do not impede our growth and do not ruin our chances at happiness. Why can’t we do the same to the so-called less liked tarot cards?

The Five of Pentacles is not a very well-liked card. Some people’s eyes will widen as they draw it and not in an excited, eager way. Not at all.

Many tarot reference materials provide that the Five of Pentacles stands for poverty, loss, lack of mindset or isolation. Does anybody really want to be told that they would be facing any or all of that? I would think not.

When I had the pleasure of studying under Rev. Sharon Klingler, I had a greater insight into the said card. I had not previously heard of Sharon until I took a card reading course where she was one of the teachers but my respect and admiration for her work grew leaps and bounds in no time at all. I would say that my reading has been influenced a lot by her insights especially as to some of the least liked tarot cards.

The Rider Waite Five of Pentacles

Using the Rider Waite deck, the five of pentacles. shows two individuals walking outside in the cold looking hungry and desolate. One person has a crutch while the other is barefoot and has a shawl covering her head. The imagery seems to suggest that they are passing by a church with a stained glass window. It does not paint a happy picture indeed.

The good thing about tarot though is that each reader can read the card in the way it resonates with them all the while staying true to the imagery of the Rider Waite. I would say that indeed the five of pentacles does evoke hardship. There is no sugar coating. Drawing the five of pentacles. would not indicate that a celebration is headed your way the way as other cards might. BUT it need not be all doom and gloom.

In a nutshell, Sharon Klingler believes the five of pentacles. pertains to ‘searching for a sanctuary in the workplace’. I resonate with this more than the card pertaining to poverty and loss. If we draw the five of pentacles for a love question, the meaning will then apply equally. There is a feeling of an impending loss when we are in need of a sanctuary in any area of our life.

In my own case, I got the five of pentacles. when I was unhappy with what I was doing work-wise, and I honestly felt that the material benefits were empty and could not nourish my soul. It was not literal poverty but there was some form of spiritual lack. There was a void.

Other tarot experts would put a positive spin on the five of pentacles by saying it also indicates that help is available. The church with the stained-glass window is on the background of the Raider Waite’s imagery and the two people in the picture can seek refuge there or at least try to.

The five of pentacles makes us ponder; what is making us feel there is something lacking in our lives? It is a material lack? Is it unhappiness at work? Or in our personal lives? Whatever it is, we need to identify it for ourselves. We also need to know that, we don’t need to deal with it alone. We can consult our family and friends or if necessary, experts in the relevant field such as a therapist or psychic advisor.

The five of pentacles is not about unicorn and rainbows. It is more of a wake-up call that grounds us. We need to know where in life we need to find a sanctuary for ourselves. It is only then that we could understand why we need one and how we can find one.

We all need a wake-up call at times and to be brought back to the ground. The five of pentacles does just that. The five of pentacles is not a bad card in itself. It gets flack because it gets in our faces and makes us answer hard questions. Admitting uncomfortable truths to ourselves and dealing with them is not something we look forward to.

Next time you get the five of pentacles, take a deep breath and prepare to embark on an honest reflection. It will be good for you in the long run.

Stay tuned for more of our Tarot Travels.

Catriona x

Psychic Catriona is a very talented Psychic. If you would like to receive a private reading with her please click HERE to view her profile.

“I am a psychic life coach who can assist in assessing where one is in life and where they want to go in the future. I use tools such as tarot, oracle cards, angel cards, crystal cards, pendulum, runes, numerology when I am drawn to do so but I predominantly rely on my intuition. x



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