The Symbols of the Tarot 

The Meaning of The High Priestess Tarot Card

The Symbols of the High Priestess

Sat upon her throne, the all knowing High Priestess has much knowledge to give us. Hidden behind a thin veil, she sits between the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple. These are known to be Boraz (left) and Jachin (right) and we can see their initials branded clearly. Boraz is known to be the Pillar of Strength while Jachin, the Pillar of Establishment. These pillars depict the duality of nature; good and evil, day and night, masculine and feminine.

The High Priestess sits between the two pillars, acting as the mediator of the two. In essence she is the third pillar; the embodiment of the journey we must travel. She incorporates the knowledge that we must gain along our path because the High Priestess sees each pillar as equal and that the balance of the two is important to our personal growth.

The knowledge of the High Priestess is slightly hidden from plain sight, as she sits in front of a veil, decorated with pomegranates. Her knowledge is not to be handed to use on a plate rather we must find it for ourselves. The veil represents the balance between the conscious and subconscious state of mind while the pomegranates are a symbol of fertility and the feminine.

The High Priestess wears a blue robe with a cross around her neck and a crown. These symbolise her status as a divine ruler, the keeper of knowledge. At her feet we can see a crescent moon which represents her connection with the divine feminine, her intuition and the cycles of nature.

So What Does That Mean?

Essentially the High Priestess symbolises mystery, wisdom and understanding. It shows that you are on journey of discovery and that there are many thing still hidden that need discovering. Secrets are to be revealed and you should trust your intuition to uproot them. The card deals with psychic abilities and the unconscious state of mind, when you see this card it usually means you will experience a fresh increase in instinctive perception.

The High Priestess card can also refer to suspicions, again urging you to trust in your intuition. Someone may be telling you something that isn’t true or a secret is lurking nearby and needs to be discovered. The card also teaches the importance of timing and that you should contemplate the next move before acting. Be patient and the knowledge you desire shall present itself when the time is right.


In a Three Card Spread

Past – It shows that patience was required in the past and that you have waited for some time to achieve your goals.  It shows that change is coming and that new experiences are finally heading your way or perhaps you are about to venture outside of your comfort zone.

Present – The High Priestess card is advising you to continue with your patience. You have time to reflect on the information you receive and that by doing so you can avoid a certain conflict that is developing. It may be referring to a secret that needs to be revealed. Is someone hiding the truth from you? Is something holding you back? Maybe your own fears need addressing before you can proceed.

Future – Follow your intuition. Certain situations may attempt to divert you however if you stay on track you will be successful. Patience will see your desires come to fruition. Secrets will be revealed however only when the time is right.


The One Card Spread

Unfortunately, due to the mysterious nature of the High Priestess, your answer will remain uncertain. A simple yes or no can not be derived from such a complex card however there is still a lesson to be had. You must accept that you won’t have the answer right now, or more importantly, you don’t need the answer right now. You must be patient. It teaches you to stop and reflect on the situation at hand, the answer is within reach, you have go out and find it yourself. The card is preparing you for this discovery and by using your own instincts it will arrive sooner than you think.


The Reversed High Priestess 

At times in the past you may have forgotten your own instincts which has led you down a path you didn’t care for. The reverse High Priestess is urging you to take a step back and reflect on your life. You may feel that support has been lacking in your life and you may wish to ask for help. Make time for yourself as it is in these moments that you can assess your next move. Prepare for you intuition to have a sudden jolt.


💖The High Priestess in a Love Reading 💖

When looking for love the High Priestess can help shed some light on you prospected partner, especially if you are unsure where to look. The mysterious Priestess has all the answers, however she is not so forthcoming with them, and prefers you to do the digging. This person may already be in your life however you have never thought of them in this way. As you learn more about this person the more you will realise the commonality you share. The card teaches us that Love is more than attraction and that wisdom is equally as important. A balance of the two shall provide a long lasting happiness.


💰The High Priestess in a Career Reading 💰

The High Priestess represents the hidden knowledge that shall present itself in time. When looking at a career reading the card can teach us many things that can help further our business interests. Essentially the High Priestess is showing you that patience will reward you, rather than jumping into a situation without careful planning. Situations will unfold in time and by following your instincts you will know when is the time to act and when is the time to sit back and listen. Remember that there are many secrets still to be revealed, so don’t take everything at face value.

Other Information

Element – Water 🌊

Ruling Planet – Moon 🌙




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