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The Meaning of the Fool Tarot Card

The Fool tarot card depicts a Jester stood on a cliff, at the beginning of a new adventure. Filled with youthful anticipation, hopes and dreams; he is excited to embark on his new expedition. The cliff’s edge is an obvious symbol, a literal representation of this journey. One more step and he is over and into the unknown. He faces north-west which is the direction of new experiences. Behind him we can see the sun, a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. The sun provides warmth and substance for the adventure predicting positive outcomes lay ahead.

The Tarot and Their Meanings - The Fool Tarot
The Fool Tarot Card


The Jester is precariously stood on the cliff’s verge however we can see he shows no sign of stress. Usually this would be a warning however the the Jester has faith in himself and his surroundings. Is this why he is a fool? We can clearly see that he is calm, embracing the warmth of the sun. He has accepted his new path and all the new possibilities it brings. He also looks towards the sky or Spirit for protection and guidance.

At his feet we can see a dog. This is a representation of loyalty to ourselves and from others. His loyal companion on a journey to the unknown, rewarding him with knowledge and protection throughout his travels. Here the Fool tarot card teaches us that if we have faith in ourselves, others will believe in us also.

The jester is carrying a knapsack. Inside he carries all that he needs for the journey ahead. However the sack is only small and could only carry the bare essentials. This is a warning. It tells us that we need to scrutinize our material world. What do we truly need? What are our essential items? It also teaches us that we must rid ourselves of any excess baggage. That we must tie up loose ends before we embark into the unknown.

In his other hand, the jester holds a white rose. This symbolizes the purity of his spirit, his blind faith in what shall be. The beauty and color of the rose indicates that what he strives for is good and wholesome. Furthermore, it is a worthy quest he is embarking upon.

The Tarot and Their Meanings - The Fool Tarot
The Fool Tarot Card

In the distance we can see a mountain range. This symbolizes that we have already come a long way, however the road ahead is still long. It also shows that the journey may be treacherous and that we are only at the beginning of what is to come. However if we have faith in our own abilities and free ourselves from any external baggage, then we are fully equipped to deal with such obstacles.

The Fool Tarot card is essentially a message of hope. It teaches us that we are going on a journey of discovery. The youthful jester teaches us that blind faith of the young – which some may say is foolish – is an admirable quality. It teaches us that we mustn’t view the world with skepticism and doubt. The world is an opportunity to learn. It is full of new experiences, and that we should embrace them head. It is showing us that if we prepare ourselves, trust in the decision we make and to have faith, we can achieve anything we put our minds to.


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