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The Meaning of the Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers Tarot card despite the name, does not exclusively deal with love or romance. However, it relates more to all the relationships within our lives; platonic or otherwise. The card speaks more to the feminine aspects of our creation, focusing more on emotions rather than actions. The scene depicts the Biblical story of Adam and Eve which symbolizes our conscious awakening – the birth of our free will.  This teaches us that we have the ability to make the changes within our lives.

The Tarot and Their Meanings
The Lovers Tarot Card

Behind the two Lovers we see an angel; this is archangel Raphael. He is said to oversee the elements; more specifically the air. In respect to the Lovers Tarot card air is used as a metaphor for communication, reminding us of the importance it holds within a healthy relationship. Furthermore, it also shows us that honesty builds trust – by clearing the air we create deeper, more lasting bonds.

The Lovers Tarot card is ruled by the Gemini meaning that it focuses on duality and the path to unity. It shows that a balance of opposites is possible and in fact crucial to achieving real happiness. This is emphasized by the contrast between the barren, phallic shaped mountain and the lush, fertile, green valley below.

In the sky the sun shines brightly illustrating security and warmth found from deep, mutual relationships. The earth is green representing fertility and happiness. It presents to us the possibilities of what we can achieve.

Behind the man we can see twelve flames. This is a warning, symbolizing man’s lustful drive. That his burning desires, when left unchecked, can become destructive. The water in between the two represents a harmony achieved. That man must summit more to the feminine aspects of creation and vice versa. That a balance is important in achieving real happiness.

Behind the woman stands the Tree of Knowledge, laden with fruit. This symbolizes humanities fall from holy, the birth of our consciousness and our surrender to temptations. The woman appears unaware that a snake is lurking beside her and instead stares upwards towards the angel. This is a reminder that we must seek to retain our connection to the spiritual world and not succumb purely to our desires.

The Tarot and Their Meanings
The Lovers Tarot Card

Also, if you look closely you will notice that while the woman gazes towards Raphael; the man gazes longingly towards her. This is a representation of our spiritual progress. It shows that physical desire must make way to emotional needs that will subsequently lead to a spiritual awakening.

The Lovers Tarot card reveals that harmony is needed for a successful relationship. And from this balance, inner peace is achieved leading to a deeper and more profound bond. It shows us that the desires of intimacy will always reward us more, than the desires of the physical.

When reversed the Lovers Tarot card indicates an avoidance in responsibility. That we are blaming others for our shortcomings. It warns us of the consequences of rushed decisions, and that our desire for instant gratification will lead to negative outcomes.  It teaches us that we need to make an emotional change within ourselves to improve our choices for the future. The reverse Lovers Tarot also exposes an inner conflict or disharmony, resulting in an upheaval in our life. Furthermore, it shows the presence of an emotional imbalance – perhaps one person has stronger feelings than the other.

Essentially the Lovers Tarot card brings a message of positivity.  It shines a light on our place within certain relationships. Fundamentally it calls for us to focus our energies inwards towards our emotionally well-being. And that when we achieve a balance in our lives, happiness will follow. It empower us, teaching that we have the power to make these changes. That focusing on our emotional side, we eventually improve our decision making and finally reach a deeper understanding of ourselves.





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