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The Meaning of the Magician Tarot Card

Being the Magician, naturally our thoughts turn to trickery; the sneaky illusionist trying to pull the wool over our eyes. For the most part this is not the case, however the trickster does rear his head when reversed – more on that later! Essentially the Magician Tarot card is deals with manifestations, achieving goals and unlocking our potential. Creating something out of nothing – turning our dreams into reality – could be described as magic, I suppose!

The Magician Tarot Card 

The Magician tarot is the first card of the traditional Major Arcana hence the number one. This signifies rebirth, new beginnings and that change is on the horizon. The ruling planet is Mercury, the bringer of news or more importantly knowledge.

The Meaning of the magician tarot
        The Magician Tarot Card

The card depicts a man (The Magician) stood in front of an altar. In his right hand he holds a staff which he raises towards the sky, while his left hand points downwards in the opposite direction. This symbolises that the Magician is a bridge between the spirit world and our own. Therefore he has the ability to channel the knowledge of the Universe and present in to us.

The Magician stares forward and in doing so you get a real sense that he is speaking directly to us. He is saying “I am merely a conduit, who has summoned the Universal powers to Earth”.”The rest is up to you!” The Magician tarot card is teaching us that the Universe contains an almost infinite number of possibilities. It also shows us that we are fully equipped to deal with them, however we must remain rooted in reality to harness them. Furthermore it is saying that we alone must take charge of our actions.

Above the Magician’s head we see a symbol of infinity or eternity. This symbolises that there is no limit to our hopes and dreams, that literally our potential is endless. Around his waist we can see that his belt is actually a snake, eating its own tail. In alchemy this symbol represents the continuous renewal of life. The snake sheds its skin and is reborn. It symbolises the unity of opposites; male and female, the conscious and unconscious, Yin and Yang. Here the Magician tarot is teaching us that a harmony is needed. Furthermore, that we must not detach ourselves from the spiritual world as it must work in unison with our own physical one. Only then can we reach our true potential.

In front of the Magician stands an altar which holds all four suits of the Tarot. Each one of these represents the four elements of alchemy – earth, fire, water and air. Another way to interpret these would be body, heart, soul and mind. The Magician has the knowledge of the Universe at his disposal, offering them to us on his altar. Here the Magician tarot is showing us, that we too posses these tools and that if we utilize them correctly we can achieve anything.

The Magician wears a white robe to symbolize purity, innocence and faith. While his cloak is red to represent  knowledge. This teaches us that we must believe in what we do and that by having faith in our actions, we too can gain the knowledge of the Universe.

The meaning of the magician tarot
    The Magician Tarot Card

At his feet he stands at a bed of roses and lilies. This is to symbolize the merging of masculine and feminine energies and that before we can manifest our desired goals a balance is required. It shows that the two opposites are not in conflict with each other however instead they compliment each other, creating a whole.

The Magician Tarot in Reverse

Here is where the sneaky illusionist comes into play. When reversed the Magician tarot should be taken as a warning, as it signifies deceit, greed and manipulation. The power of the Magician has been corrupted and is subsequently focused on the wrong things. It warns us that a pursuit of greed will ultimately bring no happiness to our lives. The reversed Magician may be referring to somebody close to us and that we must be wary of people trying to trick us or manipulate certain situations.





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