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The Meaning of the Tower Tarot Card

Understandably, most people having a tarot reading instinctively fear the Devil or Death cards. Their names alone immediately conjure images of darkness, destruction and impending doom. When the truth is, the card you should actually fear is the Tower Tarot card. This card relates to chaos, destructive forces, lies, and deceit. I’ll take the Devil card – I hear you cry! Throughout history the tower has been the archetypal symbol of isolation or despair. Princesses are locked away in them, criminals are banished to them, the tower symbolises the darker aspects of life. To be honest, no card can solely predict a catastrophe, they simply alert us to areas of our lives that need addressing. Essentially the Tower Tarot card is a warning.

The Symbolism

The card depicts a tower built upon a rocky mountain. You will also notice that the tower is square. Lightening strikes the tower, destroying the circular crown on top. The card is urging us the reevaluate our lives, showing us that something isn’t meant to be.  Something does not fit correctly and will eventually fall.

The tower itself is built upon a precarious, uneven mountain. This symbolises that certain hopes and dreams are build upon false promises. That the foundations are weak and in-need of restructuring.

The Tarot and their meanings
The Tower Tarot Card

Surrounding the tower are some ominous looking grey clouds. These are a representation of misfortune, reminding us that setbacks will inevitably rain down on all of us from time to time.

The lightening bolt represents the sudden spark of truth. The realisation that something is wrong. It’s destructive force is a warning of what is to come if we do not act. The bolt strikes from left to right . This signifies from heaven to earth, from the spiritual to the the physical world. The Tower Tarot is showing us that the chaos surrounding us is of a material or physical nature.

We can see two figures falling from the tower. This is Adam and Eve who were previously imprisoned in the Devil Tarot Card.  They have freed themselves from their chains however they have subsequently followed the false promises of the material world to the tower, to be enslaved once more.

They hurl themselves from the tower headfirst. The sudden flash of truth, the momentary spark of spiritual consciousness has spurred them on to free themselves again. It reminds us that a fall from grace when in relation to the physical or material world can be a positive thing. They are escaping the chaos.

Falling with the couple we see 22 flames representing the 22 Major Arcana. This can be taken as a glimmer of hope. That no one card can predict an outcome and that there are many more cards in the deck.  In other words, there are many more factors still to consider.


The Tarot and their meanings
The Tower Tarot Card


So What Does The Tower Tarot Card Mean?

Like we have said the Tower is a warning. It teaches us that you must be wary of entering in to any situation, without full care and attention. Furthermore, it can mean that a situation you are already in may not be as it seems.

The card shows that you must ditch the old and make way for the new. That your ambitions or endeavors have been built upon weak foundations and false promises.

Perhaps you are about to experience some turmoil. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Relationships may need reevaluating or you may wish to look for a new job.

Finally, while the Tower Tarot sounds like all doom and gloom, there is a silver lining. The conflicts we experience in life are opportunities to learn about yourself. How you deal with the conflict is the most important thing. The card teaches us that change is needed. A positive change that will subsequently better your life. That once you have addressed these issues and restructured the negative energies, order will be maintained. Essentially the card’s mantra would be  – order out of chaos.

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