The Viking Rune Set

Connect to your Guides in the old ways using the beautiful and convenient Viking Rune Set.

This set comes in a beautiful wooden box that contains 22 messages each in an individual glass bottle. The cork attached allows you to easily remove and read the message while also having the added benefit of being able to connect the bottle to a keychain or necklace.

This set contains:

24 Runes in Glass Bottles

Key Chain Attachment

Necklace Attachment

Wooden Box

Instructions of use

Handmade and Blessing South Africa

How to use:

1. Ask a question
2. Pick a bottle
3. Interpret the message using the guide to the meaning of each card
4. Carry the bottle with you in the bag or on the chain as a reminder throughout the day.
5. Repeat tomorrow.
£99 with FREE worldwide postage.
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Note: This set is not produced or sent by Psychic Mix