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Understanding Your Shadow Self by Arcadian

In the previous two articles I spoke on how to best manifest what you want to come into your life. One of the things we usually have to deal with when going through this process is facing our shadow self. That little niggle, that voice that operates from a place between our ear and our ego. This is the little voice that talks you out of manifesting, and keeps you trapped in a cycle of self-neglect, doubt and worthlessness.


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Have you ever listened to speeches given by inspirational people? Their main message is always to believe in yourself and to never let go of your dreams. So often I have people contacting me and asking if they are going to re-locate? Are they going to ever be married? Are they going to change their career? The answer to all these questions is a very loud YES!— if you want it.


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I am talking myself out of business here but the cards are on the table— if you want something just believe in it and then go out and get it. Have the courage to walk through doors as they open. Post your upgraded CV on the online job portal. Start looking at real estate in the place you wish to relocate to. Join a dating site and write a brilliant New Age description paragraph about yourself that will attract the partner of your dreams into your life.


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Once we understand our shadow self and accept it as part of our own personality, we can achieve so much more as a human being on this planet. The only thing standing in the way of the future of our dreams is ourselves. Our future is a canvas on which we project our thoughts. It is our imagination which creates our future reality and the more we hang out with positive people who also use their thoughts to manifest, the more beautiful and successful our futures will be.


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If only more people realised how powerful and full of energy our thoughts actually are. For example, all the issues surrounding global warming and plastic pollution. It is good that this has all been brought to our attention HOWEVER the more people plug into the reality of global warming, the quicker it is going to happen. We need to focus on all the solutions that are out there and the positive steps people have taken to welcome in a new energy on Earth.

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