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Unplugging From Our Matrix Reality – by Arcadian

“Our matrix reality is but a hologram imprinted by our individual AND collective thoughts” – Arcadian
Over the past three weeks I have been writing about how to change your life by controlling your thoughts and thereby attracting miracles into your life. What are you going to do with the information you have received? Does it sound like too much hard work, controlling what you think about? Are you going to continue in the rat race, plugged into the matrix, being governed by the mass media? Or are you going to start living by moon cycles and the timing of the Universe rather than following the the modern invention of days, months and years?
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Think about what occupies your mind! Are your thoughts positive or negative? Do you believe gossip? Do you live with a fear mentality? Or are you so filled with inner love that you radiate peace and happiness wherever you go?

So, let us recap the lessons learned, to bring miraculous changes into your life.
By ensuring that you unplug from the matrix system for just ten minutes every evening— focusing your thoughts towards what you WANT rather than on what you fear. This means that you are handing over your reality to the Angelic Realm, to do with whatever they like. Angels only operate according to what we want, so if we only focus on negative thought processes, more negativity is what we shall get.
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Take a bath in Holy Water, by adding three cups of coarse salt, and then asking whoever you pray to, to bless the water. When you bathe in this water, totally submerge yourself, imagining all negativity washing away.

Before sleeping, think of a word that brings you great happiness, and focus your thoughts on this word. If another thought comes along, push it away and stay focused. You will actually find your mind getting quite tired, as it refuses to be calmed.
Keep a book next to your bed and WRITE DOWN what you want to manifest. Use this book to write down all your thoughts of manifestation and gratitude. Write down everything you wish to attract, however large or small. Monitor how this goes.
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Turn off the world news— instead, start observing the lessons that life is sending you. Usually this shall be lessons of patience or self confidence. Observe the signs along your path— double numbers on your clock show that you are on the right path. Seek out qualified healers like myself who come from a place of love, when offering healing through tarot.
Always remember—Knock the Door will Open— Ask and you will Receive. Get used to speaking to your Angels before you go to sleep at night, and always offer up thanks for a day lived as a human.
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If you do all of the above, at the very most it will take three months for your life to miraculously turn around. I look forward to meeting many of you online in the future. Let me help you see the path ahead.
Thank you for reading,
Arcadian x


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