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Using Eclipse Energy (Part Two) Manifesting by Arcadian

Just know that you are on your right path and I have used tried and tested methods for manifesting exactly what it is that we need in life. First of all, our thoughts most certainly do manifest our reality. Therefore you need to ensure you are consciously working on eliminating negative thought patterns and attuning your ego to prefer to live in a place of prosperity, health and wealth. I know when things get rough or confusing we tend to feel down but this is actually the exact time that we should be writing down our manifestations and dreams. I would suggest that you get a small black book and keep it next to your bed.


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Every night you should make it a ritual to shut down for ten minutes before you sleep, focusing on a word that brings you happiness. Every time another thought enters your mind, focus back on your word. You should start to see a bright light ahead of you. Personally, I can only do this for two minutes as my mind is so busy— but this allows us to hand over the situation to the Universe, to God, to Yoda, to Angels or whoever you believe in. I prefer to follow the Holy Spirit, and I believe that once we let go of the steering wheel, this is when miracles come into our lives.


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I would suggest trying to cut off from the world for a 24 hour period. No phones or communication with the outside world, simply doing just what you want to. I recommend browsing your local book stores, as here your Angels will guide you into discovering the literature you need to read.


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You live very much in the physical but now the ethereal is calling out to you. You need to take the time to nourish your soul as you have a huge task ahead of you. If you have questions but don’t have the answers, just wait a while and ask the Angels to show you the way. Once the missing pieces to the puzzle come your way then the answers will show themselves.


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The most important thing you need to develop is patience. Slow life right down to a 24 hour cycle. Slow RIGHT down by cutting off from life. Remove yourself from the Roman Calendar system and work with moon cycles and Eclipses. The Universe has its own timing and whilst you are in a place of change it is more beneficial that you go really slowly as though you are on a magic carpet, observing what is going on around you and what lessons you are being taught. We are on this Earth to learn not react.

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