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Weekly Horoscope 15th – 21st October

We are proud to present to you our weekly horoscope by The Merry Man. Little is known of this mysterious astrologer, primarily due to his own desires of secrecy. We honestly don’t know much, and the little we do, we have sworn never to tell. We are however extremely lucky to have him as our resident astrologer. Watch this space, there is much more to come from this fascinating individual. As for the codes at the end of each horoscope? Nobody knows! The Merry Man sends all his work to us in the post, each written by hand, always finished with those little codes – so we include them.



The Way of Capricorn 

22nd December – 19th January

“As the sand falls, the gate of the Gods will rise”

When the time comes, decisions shall be made. Fear not the difficulties of life, they strengthen our principles in this realm. We bear such knowledge. We must practice what we preach, or risk the locked door. We can build from here. Opportunities once hidden become clear. The horizon is where happiness resides. Confidence is bestowed which propels us forward. The energies of old serve nothing but heartache. Remember Capricorn, our efforts were never in vain.  There is more to be said on our tale. A new chapter is being scribed. 

LK 875 67 



The Way of Aquarius     

20th January – 18th February

“Keeper of knowledge, the bearer of dreams”

We must be honest with ourselves Aquarius. The question still remains unanswered. Why do we shy away from the changes we crave? Listen to the words bestowed. Their intentions are to open our eyes to the possible.  The first steps in achieving our desires. Fear not the endings, for they usher in the new. A moment to reassess.  To realign the balance. Trust in our instincts. Responsibilities shall rise. We are well equipped for the journey ahead. We have learned many things from our endeavours. Now our eyes are raised to the horizon. What is foreseen shall please the Water Bearer.  

FT 65 234


The Way of Pisces

19th February – 20th March

“A tale of tails, bound together by eternal love”

Such opportunities lay at our feet. The keys to many doors are in our hand. We thought our time had past. Luck is on our side. A chance to wipe the slate clean. We must not squander such gifts. Time is precious Pisces. Draw knowledge from the past or risk making the same mistakes. Loose ends need our attention. The ties must be cut. Happiness awaits us. Small steps shall protect our heart. Soon our eyes are opened to the possible.  The truth will be revealed. Our purpose shall be achieved.

MT 41 562      


The Way of Aries

 21st March – 19th April 

“The sacred Gold, guiding us home” 

Listen to the advice bestowed. The words are said from an open heart. We must not lose faith in the solution. We achieve great things when we communicate our concerns. The burdens of old shall  fall. We have waited patiently for this. Soon our purpose shall be revealed. Support is given. A journey of self expression will ensue. We have come so far. Our drive must never waiver. Those days are over. The change we so crave shall be achieved. The realisation of hope.  The possibilities are endless when we lower our shield. The enlightened path is calling the Ram. 

DE 398 901 


The Way of Taurus 

20th April – 20th May

“The Mask of Gods made holy by the sands

The cautious step shall see us triumphant. Hurry such energies and risk repeating the mistakes once made. A tunnel draws near. There are still many challenges that lay at our feet. Belief in our worth shall ride these waves. The path of uncertainty is all but finished. Our eyes are open to the possible. We must communicate our fears. We achieve great things from such speak. Our attentions must flow inward. Our worry for others must not impede our own progression. We must seek the balance for true happiness to reign. 

MW 98 356 



The Way of Gemini 

21st May – 20th June

“Reunited in the Heavens of timeless love” 

Worry not the whispers of others. Their words are non of our business and shall not affect us. Our commitment must be commended. Such efforts to achieve have not gone unnoticed. Our arsenal is great from the endevours of old. Use them wisely Gemini. If we do not succeed there are many other avenues to take. Our path is one of many ways. Such opportunities. Resist the urgency of completion for there is no such race to enlightenment.  We have no time for the negative. We must seek to remove such energies from our lives. A bright future awaits us. The final piece to the puzzle shall reveal itself. The final push toward our desires.

HJ 19 928


The Way of Cancer 

21st June – 22nd July

“The immortal guardian, blessed by the hand of Gods” 

As the worry subsides, hope is reborn. What was once lost is now resurrected. A fresh path is presented. The turmoils of life make way for the new. Such opportunities are a gift and should never be squandered. These are the planning stages of success. More awaits us Cancer. Fear not the mistakes, for they guide us toward our desires. Disagreements may arise. Embrace such quarrels as opportunities to learn. Resist the habits of old. Happiness resides in the unexpected. 

LM 81 58 



The Way of Leo 

 23rd July – 22nd August

“The light of the appointed, the heart of the brave”

We currently reside in the unknown. A time of great change. How we navigate the impending storm is of our choosing. Hear these words, the calm and concise shall reign victorious. The competitions of this realm require no strife, as we must continue at our own pace. These decisions are ours to make and shall not be influenced. Our efforts will not be in vain. The successes we seek are within reach. There are many things others wish us to speak. Our guidance shall be given in due time. The final stone is being placed. The path we so desire is almost complete.

ST 359 581



The Way of Virgo

 23rd August – 22nd September

“Transcend before me. Our Mother of fertile dreams” 

The transformation is underway. Now we must reflect on the decisions made. Manifestation is a powerful force. We ask ourselves – is the grass greener? The path is unclear, we must tread with care. One thing is certain Virgo, the energies of old have not served us well. The new shall wipe the slate clean. A key to the unknown, where the possible resides. The air is cleared. We accept the branch extended. An opportunity to grow.  Risk the aimless wander until a balance is attained.

PH 60 520 



The Way of Libra  

23rd September – 22nd October

“Justice balanced by the nature of love”

We are to enter a new phase of discovery. One that shall realign the desires. Our energies have been misplaced. Thoughts once clouded by doubt are reborn. The worries of old shall subside. Our focus must remain on the completion. Forgo such feelings to hold back. We have come too far to surrender our dreams. Trust is earned. The calmer water await us. A new chapter is being written. The unthinkable is to be made real. We must allow our instincts to guide us. The cautious step shall shield our heart. Two energies collide creating a common goal. New doors are opened when we speak the truth.

RT 85 203   


The Way of Scorpio 

23rd October – 21st November

“King of Kings. Hunter of Hunters”

Justice shall prevail. The truth shall be revealed. Our mind is filled with the clarity once lost. The final stages are upon us. We know what must be done. Worry not the thoughts of others. Our concerns are for our own progression. Nothing shall deter our strides to success. The light is calling us Scorpio. We have endured many obstacles. Now we can bask in the serene. Our way is one of many opportunities. Luck is bestowed. The time is nigh. The ball begins to roll. An unstoppable force is now in action. The end shall benefit us greatly.

JP 70 485



 The Way of Sagittarius

 22nd November – 21st December

“The immortal gift. The reliever of sorrow.

Nobody can say we didn’t try Archer. The determination we have shown shall be commended. Loyalties are rewarded. The fog shall finally disperse. Why were our eyes closed to what others can see? Now we can make the changes needed.  Listen to the words spoken.  There is still much to learn on our path. The dark days are no more. We rejoice, for a new adventure has begun. We are free from the obstructions of old. The final stages are underway. Articulate our desires or risk loosing them forever. Be wary of situations that demand a sudden response.

RM 893 293

Our weekly horoscope is done by The Merry Man himself. All his views are based upon Astrological charts and his own psychic abilities


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