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Weekly Horoscope 16th July – 22nd July

We are proud to present to you our weekly horoscope by The Merry Man. Little is known of this mysterious astrologer, primarily due to his own desires of secrecy. We honesty don’t know much, and the little we do, we have sworn never to tell. We are however extremely lucky to have him as our resident astrologer. Watch this space, there is much more to come from this fascinating individual. As for the codes at the end of each horoscope? Nobody knows! The Merry Man sends all his work to us in the post, each written by hand, always finished with those little codes – so we include them.



The Way of Capricorn

22nd December – 19th January

“As the sand falls, the gate of the Gods will rise”

As we ride the waves, we overcome the hardships, as we say farewell to the storms of old.  Mistakes were made, of course. This is life Capricorn, nobody is free of such burdens. How we maneuver ourselves in the future, how we implement our knowledge is of more importance. Make room for the like-minded, they appear to have our best interests at heart. Collaborations flourish. An open heart will receive powerful praise. The path is only half paved. We must not loose focus on the shared goal. New energies inspire, new bonds are forged. GT 493 240



The Way of Aquarius 

20th January – 18th February

“Keeper of knowledge, the bearer of dreams”

The turmoils of life have hindered our growth. Our commitment to the circle is commended Aquarius. We have given greatly. Now is the time of renewal. The rejuvenation of one’s self has begun. As the alignments extend the hand, we too must seek the help of others. We can not accomplish everything with such little time. Attentions return to the projects of old.  Creative sparks ignite passions once lost. Ambitions continue to surge.  We are called upon to adapt. If our faith remains strong then others will follow. FW 32 657 


The Way of Pisces

19th February – 20th March

“A tale of tails, bound together by eternal love”

To confine the mind from the possible is to remove the possible from our path. Such hopes and dreams can only be fulfilled when the time is right. We must explore the many avenues before we commit ourselves. The hectic energies of late will subside. If our faith is lost then we fall to the base.  We are to embark on a new adventure. One that will test us before it rewards. The understanding of one’s self will grow. Remember that we are surrounded by good. Others will assist our transcendence.  The answer to the question will reveal itself. RB 311 92   


 The Way of Aries

21st March – 19th April 

“The sacred Gold, guiding us home” 

As we push ever forward towards our goals, the more reserved approach will benefit the Ram. Our fire can be misconstrued, most do not bear such passions as we.  Neglect this knowledge and risk breaking the bonds we hold dear.  Careful consideration is required for our next move. Decisions can alter the course of many.  Remove ourselves from the conflicts of others. We have are own battles to conquer.  Seek to make the balance a reality. Happiness is only found within a whole. We raise our eyes to the horizon.  Such possibilities lay before us. HP 49 222     


The Way of Taurus

20th April – 20th May

“The Mask of Gods made holy by the sands

Reflection in our word is crucial. We must always seek out civility, even through conflicted paths.  Our judgments must be made on the actions of others and not their opinions. The Taurus knows the truth. We are rewarded for our courage, as we step towards the unknown. The open mind attracts.  As we walk the road less traveled, we realise there is still more knowledge to gain. A different approach achieves more than expected. Our line is drawn in the sands of the heart, we must honor it’s wishes and never forgo it’s principles. MG 66 346


The Way of Gemini 

21st May – 20th June

“Reunited in the Heavens of timeless love” 

Worry not where our influence is absent. Why waste our energies on the unknown? Seek to pave the cracks of uncertainty, for others as well as ourselves. Stresses of the past must be faced head on. They strive to control us once more. Understand that we are stronger than before. Aim to clear the waters of old, then we can shed the baggage that has hindered our progress.  Stand behind our ethics. Make our voice heard.  Such a refreshing sight, the return of the true Gemini. The true defender of our heart. The conqueror of hearts and minds. Our quest has just begun. PF 90 485 


The Way of Cancer

21st June – 22nd July

“The immortal guardian, blessed by the hand of Gods” 

Our time of reflection has past, now we must decide. Our intuition has guided us thus far, steering us towards apprehension. Worry not, for soon we will embrace new beginnings like the gifts they are. We will realise that our hesitation was in vain. Rejoice, a transformation is underway. We will rise triumphant from the ashes.  An new found confidence will ensue. The circle becomes redefined. This is nature balancing energies. We sign our name to many a worthy cause.  BR 764 453


The Way of  Leo  

23rd July – 22nd August

“The light of the appointed, the heart of the brave”

We must protect the fires that burn within, the internal energy which drives all that we do. Beware that external factors add fuel to the flames, leaving the Leo depleted of their true power. Rest and recuperation are not failures. We all deserve a replenished soul. Strength will be required for what is to come. Creativity will flourish in the sun. We must maintain a calm approach as emotions erupt around us. A collaboration yields success. The negativities of the past have no place in our future. Our caring side will be called upon.  ER 775 546



The Way of Virgo 

23rd August – 22nd September

“Transcend before me. Our Mother of fertile dreams” 

The transition is almost complete. We bask in the light, the eyes be upon us. Be wary of those who resent such attentions. Their resistance to change is non of our business. The Virgo was lost however the Stars have guided us home. Our heart yearns for pastures of peace. We are to reflect on the lessons learned. Escape the behaviors of old. Replenishment feeds the soul. Fear not the uncompleted project. We possess all that is needed. The time of reconciliation be upon us. Energies of the past are a welcome return. MR 94 94   


The Way of  Libra  

23rd September – 22nd October

“Justice balanced by the nature of love”

As the state of uncertainty subsides, the Libra must prepare for what is to come. The determination we have shown will be rewarded. Give thanks to the axis, for it marks the wave on new beginnings. Our true calling will reign forthwith. Those that surround us are crucial to our progression. Discard the negative from our lives. What we dream is real. We are the masters of our own destiny. A welcome surprise is in the making. A foundation is being built. We must strive to maintain the balance or our efforts were in vain. DT 345 11 


The Way of Scorpio

23rd October – 21st November

“King of Kings. Hunter of Hunters”

We must embrace the new, explore the realms of the possible. The peculiarities of late will soon reveal their purpose.  The Scorpio must articulate the tension within. Prepare for the conflicts of the circle. Our voice must be heard. Worry not on the politics of others. The moment is brief and not worthy of our heart. Focus on cleansing the soul. Cast aside the negative. Burn the sage. Creativity will thrive as a result. Extend the hand to others. Our insight is a gift to those who listen. The rewards are many for the selfless spirit. FP 75 955


 The Way of Sagittarius

22nd November – 21st December

“The immortal gift. The reliever of sorrow”

The Archer must realise that only we can slow the progression foreseen. We hold the key to our own successes. The Universe has been kind to us, showing us the ways to accomplish our dreams. Why do we fear change so? We must strive to correct the imbalances before our confidence can prosper once more. We are on the edge of great achievements. We must dare to make the first move. Reflect on the mirror. Believe in our worth. Our transformation is inevitable. Our purpose will be revealed. TB 37 74 



Our weekly horoscope is done by The Merry Man himself. All his views are based upon Astrological charts and his own psychic abilities. 

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