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Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th October

We are proud to present to you our weekly horoscope by The Merry Man. Little is known of this mysterious astrologer, primarily due to his own desires of secrecy. We honestly don’t know much, and the little we do, we have sworn never to tell. We are however extremely lucky to have him as our resident astrologer. Watch this space, there is much more to come from this fascinating individual. As for the codes at the end of each horoscope? Nobody knows! The Merry Man sends all his work to us in the post, each written by hand, always finished with those little codes – so we include them.


The Way of Capricorn 

22nd December – 19th January

“As the sand falls, the gate of the Gods will rise”

The season of Libra. A shining light of opportunity for the Sea Goat. Good fortune shall reign from the alignments. A warning is whispered. The diplomatic approach calms the waters. Fear not the discussion. The Messenger teaches us that communication is key. Many doors are opened. Now we can see the truth. Secrets are revealed. Praise is given. The urge to quit is strong. We have come so far. Our efforts shall be rewarded. Merriment awaits us.

MR 82 10    



The Way of Aquarius     

20th January – 18th February

“Keeper of knowledge, the bearer of dreams”

Finally our eyes are open. The true path of the possible is illuminated. An opportunity to grow. Theses are the planning stages of our desires. Ideas are formulated.  Exciting times for the Water Bearer. The respite was needed. The time of apprehension has past. Now we must proceed to the next stage. We are free from the anguish of late. Our arms are open to the new. Travel is foreseen. The discovery of self awaits us. Advice is given as we embark on our new adventure. Small steps. The new season delivers much joy to our story. 

NT 395 124   

The Way of Pisces

19th February – 20th March

“A tale of tails, bound together by eternal love”

Harmony is laid at our feet. The path glows with the realisation of  what could be. Peace shall reign in these times. Such anticipation as the new presents itself. Our eyes must remain fixed upon the horizon. The past shall only slow our progression. Bridges are built with lasting foundations. Soon the Goddess Venus shall question our beliefs. An opportunity for change as we reevaluate our principles. A moment of reflection. The question still persists in our mind. The answer shall present itself in due course.

NT 759 685 

The Way of Aries

 21st March – 19th April 

“The sacred Gold, guiding us home” 

The new season has many lessons to learn. The connections of our circle enrich our path.  Reignite what was lost. Kindred spirit survive the sands. The Messenger delivers a message to our door. Be wary of those who thirst of more. Struggles of power. Listen to what is said.  The righteous shall be rewarded with an exploration. If change is what we seek, then now is the time to proceed. Cautious steps protect our heart. There is no time for the chitter chatter of old. There are more pressing discussions that deserve our attention.

PJ 548 328  


The Way of Taurus 

20th April – 20th May

“The Mask of Gods made holy by the sands”

We have accumulated many a bad habit. These shall be banished as the new season sweeps away the old. Guidance is offered. We reorganize our priorities. Complications may arise. The trickster God cavorts with Pluto. A destructive force on our endeavors. The cautious step shall see us triumphant. Actions deserve deliberation. Stand our ground. Have faith in our knowledge. The energies intensify around us. The answer to the question shall present itself in these times. 

MT 438 320  



The Way of Gemini 

21st May – 20th June

“Reunited in the Heavens of timeless love” 

The new season wipes the slate clean. We must embrace the endings, for they deliver the new. The truth awaits us Gemini. We are returned to glory. The creative mind sparks interesting discussion. A new adventure shall ensue. A resistance to our flow is perceived. The trickster god at play with Pluto. We have no reason to fear such alignments. We are protected by the knowledge we have earned. The cautious step shall see us reign victorious. Place trust in our instincts. Matters of the heart need addressing. The time is nigh. 

BN 389 23   




The Way of Cancer 

21st June – 22nd July

“The immortal guardian, blessed by the hand of Gods” 

The balance we seek is real and shall be achieved. The moment to reorganize our priorities has arrived. Connections are made. Our patience is to be commended. Now we can tackle the task at hand. Some may question our words. The Messenger whispers a warning. Be wary of those who avoid the conversation. Reflect on the next move. The energies intensify. A secret is revealed. Use this knowledge wisely Cancer. Creations of the mind become reality. If our intentions are good, we shall reign victorious. 

FE 16 347   




The Way of Leo 

 23rd July – 22nd August

“The light of the appointed, the heart of the brave”


We must prepare for what is to come. The alignments foresee turbulent times awaiting us. The trickster God cavorts with Pluto. The mystery continues. We navigate the tales told, as the information presented grows. The calmer Leos among us shall take action in these times, organizing our affairs with great ease. We must say what plagues our mind. The weight lifted brings relief. A manipulative force draws near. Reflect on our path or we risk history repeating itself. A mile stone is achieved. We have overcome so much Leo. The rewards await us.

HW 490 500



The Way of Virgo

 23rd August – 22nd September

“Transcend before me. Our Mother of fertile dreams” 

Our focus shall flow inward. We must reassess our priorities. For too long our thoughts have been misplaced, intertwined with the energies of others. The Messenger God delivers a warning. Beware of the jealous eyes. They seek to obstruct our progression. The struggles of power. A game we care not to play. Emotions run high. Be careful not to inflame the situation. Worries of the mind may intensify in these times. A natural reaction to such alignments. The wary step shall see us triumphant. 

FR 489 578  



The Way of Libra  

23rd September – 22nd October

“Justice balanced by the nature of love”

Our planet, the Goddess of Love has much in store for us Libra. A cosmic shift is underway and as the energies around us shift, so too do our own. The revaluation of ones hopes and dreams. The reordering of priorities. The fixations of old seem insignificant. A fresh start is what we needed. A clean slate to plan our next move. Thoughts of the past subside. These were an obstruction to our progression. Our endevours we never futile. We gain knowledge for our new adventure. Mistakes shall never be repeated. Frustrations of the heart shall be repaired. 

MT 349 598  


The Way of Scorpio 

23rd October – 21st November

“King of Kings. Hunter of Hunters”

The Messenger whispers advice. Communication is vital in achieving our goals. The time is nigh to remove the burden. Energies shall  intensify in these times. Place thought on our words. We must not rise to the bait of others. Secrets are revealed. Handle this information with care for certain situations can not be undone. Trust in our instincts. Have faith in our worth. Worry not of the ambitions of others. We have our own path to navigate. We are well equipped to handle such turmoil.

BE 91 480 




 The Way of Sagittarius

 22nd November – 21st December

“The immortal gift. The reliever of sorrow.

As the transformation takes hold, we are given the gift of time. A brief moment where we can reevaluate our priorities. The question still remains – what is it we truly desire? This reordering must take precedence, for the intensities of others shall cloud our judgments. Worry not on the past. It serves no purpose dwelling on energies of old. The horizon houses many a new adventure. What is foreseen shall please the Archer. The final piece to the puzzle. Our eyes are open to the possible. Our worries soon subside. The journey may have been long however the rewards shall outweigh the strife.

RT 402 493 

Our weekly horoscope is done by The Merry Man himself. All his views are based upon Astrological charts and his own psychic abilities


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