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Weekly Horoscope 28th January – 3rd February

We are proud to present to you our weekly horoscope by The Merry Man. Little is known of this mysterious astrologer, primarily due to his own desires of secrecy. We honestly don’t know much, and the little we do, we have sworn never to tell. We are however extremely lucky to have him as our resident astrologer. Watch this space, there is much more to come from this fascinating individual. As for the codes at the end of each horoscope? Nobody knows! The Merry Man sends all his work to us in the post, each written by hand, always finished with those little codes – so we include them. February 



The Way of Capricorn

22nd December – 19th January

“As the sand falls, the gate of the Gods will rise”

The seeker of knowledge shall be rewarded its find, calming the turbulent waters ahead. Acceptance shall grant us safe passage to contentment; for now we understand the situation at hand.  The outcome we desire is real Capricorn, however we must be patient. The gift of time must never be squandered and we must be grateful for such an offering. The confident hand shall accomplish far more. Our journey has gifted us the opportunity of change; how we enact this shall alter the course. The end is nigh, we can see the finishing line— this is not a mirage rather a vision of the truth.

EM 409 920



The Way of Aquarius

20th January – 18th February

“Keeper of knowledge, the bearer of dreams”

We must not fear the unknown, for it is here that we shall unearth our desire. A question has lingered in our hearts for too long; answer this and be released from the restraints of old. We have much more to give Aquarius, we must use our knowledge to assert our word. Others shall begin to see our light. Justice shall prevail, the truth shall set us free. Our goal shall be realised, it shall sustain us forthwith.  The disheartened mind is no more, a deal will be done. This journey shall not be taken alone. A world of discovery awaits us.

RW 304 540


The Way of Pisces

19th February – 20th March

“A tale of tails, bound together by eternal love”

As we enter the final stage we owe it to ourselves to complete the task at hand. Our journey has been long however solace awaits us and is well within our grasp. Time heals the disputes of old, nothing shall come of such situations. The stars are calling us home, for it is here that we shall reflect upon our next move. There is more to our tale Pisces and we hold the quill; only we can slow the progression foreseen. The unexpected shall open our eyes, making the decision easier to make. Soon we shall dine on the fruits of our labor as the patient hand receives its reward.

BE 485 390 



The Way of Aries

21st March – 19th April

“The sacred Gold, guiding us home”

Where to go from here? A question that is easily answered once we allow honesty to reign in our hearts.  The path is long and full of fray however we are equipped to tackle such endeavours. A new light shines, teaching us to overcome such fears. The words we speak shall change the course. We are to be called upon to further the pursuit. Not all is as it seems Aries. The intuitive mind shall unearth these irregularities. Our head shall rise above the opinions of others,  we care not for the squawks of the bickering few. When we focus on the horizon we shall achieve great things.

MS 294 520



The Way of Taurus

20th April – 20th May

“The Mask of Gods made holy by the sands

We have come so far Taurus, we must not concede to the disheartened mind. The gifts of attainment await us; as long as our eyes can withstand the lure. We have sought pastures green to only discover the same, why would now deliver a different outcome? Manifestation is a powerful tool. We are closer than we think, patience will grant our wish. Soon the adventure of two shall commence. From the humble word we shall reveal the true meaning; use this knowledge to aid our progression. Our ambitions shall sustain us. Our dreams are more than fantasies. The scales shall tip in our favour.

GR 85 293



The Way of Gemini

21st May – 20th June

“Reunited in the Heavens of timeless love”

We are more than the chaos that surrounds us, we are unique Gemini and deserve our story to be told. Say what has  plagued our heart; for only then can we pursue our hopes and dreams. The innovations we seek shall embolden the hesitant stride. Others shall join us upon this quest. We are free from the shackles of antiquity, now we may explore the doors once locked.  We must never dismiss the finer details, there is meaning in all of our encounters. The confident hand shall be rewarded the glory of accomplishment.

TR 542 450 



The Way of Cancer

21st June – 22nd July

“The immortal guardian, blessed by the hand of Gods”

We must not succumb to the wizardry of words; take a moment and ponder the chatter we hear. Patience shall reward the Crab, for the truth shall be revealed. We care not for such quarrels; we must seek the more meaningful tongue. What binds our feet from completing our stride? The answer to this shall set us free opening many a new door. Our actions shall guide another, our decisions shall appease their woe. The respite shall realign and rejuvenate our source.  Now we can enact the change we so desire.

EM 909 230


The Way of Leo

23rd July – 22nd August

“The light of the appointed, the heart of the brave”

The disheartened mind is no more, as the disagreements of old subside. Why attempt to change the unchangeable? Our energy is best spent elsewhere. Our desires are reborn as honesty beams from our word.  What we seek is within reach, we must continue along the hopeful path.  We can not do everything ourselves Leo, extend the hand and watch them follow. Be wary of situations that demand a sudden response; time shall unearth such truths. Determination shall seal the deal. The adventure shall strengthen the bond of two.

TN 569 349



The Way of Virgo

23rd August – 22nd September

“Transcend before me. Our Mother of fertile dreams”

The final push shall unearth more than expected. The information we receive shall guide us Virgo, use this gift wisely. We have waited patiently for this; finally we can make the move. The disagreements are no more, harmony shall reign in due course. We must not allow the ambitions of others to impede our progression; this is own path to walk— nobody else’s. For too long we have shied away from the discovery, step out into the dark and be granted our calling. Now we shall complete the task at hand, as the final piece to the puzzle is revealed.

SN 40 943


The Way of Libra

23rd September – 22nd October

“Justice balanced by the nature of love”

The disheartened mind is no more; as we bear witness to the possible. We are rewarded for our patience as an opportunity presents itself.  Build upon the knowledge we’ve gained and use it to conquer our fears.  As we explore the unchartered waters we rediscover our desire. Do we allow the mistakes of old to dictate our future destinies? Our dreams are more than just ponderings of the mind; they are real and well within our grasp. Understand that we can never force such situations, and any attempt to do-so will only slow our progression.

NT 44 188


The Way of Scorpio

23rd October – 21st November

“King of Kings. Hunter of Hunters”

As we mourn the fallen dreams of antiquity, we draw strength from the knowledge that we gained. Use this to further our pursuits, we shall not repeat the same mistakes again. Others may have doubted the path we take — not us — for we know the truth and what must be done. From the spoken word we enact the change that alters the course for the better. We have come so far, we shall be rewarded for such bravery. What is foreseen shall please us. An journey shall open our eyes to future possibilities.  This is merely the beginning Scorpio.

PT 519 36



The Way of Sagittarius

22nd November – 21st December

“The immortal gift. The reliever of sorrow.

The time has come for us to decide; take the stand and witness our progression. Freedom awaits us Archer, now we can pursue our desires unhindered.  Communication is key in achieving our goals. As the burdens of old subside, new opportunities materialise. We must not rise to the bait of others, we have our own path to navigate. Secrets are revealed. Emotions run high. The diplomatic approach shall calm the turbulent waters. We fear not the discussion, for it is here we unearth the truth. Our efforts shall be rewarded.

TH 522 699


Our weekly horoscope is done by The Merry Man himself. All his views are based upon Astrological charts and his own psychic abilities

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